Book review: Harappa – Curse of the Blood River

I am known to be avoiding the fantasy genre for a while, these days. The number of blood sucking vampires and werewolves and dragons have gone too many on my ARCs shelves that I even have lost count of them. So when I was approached for the review of Harappa – Curse of the Blood River, I took a moment to think over. While I would love to read historical fiction, the blurb explained that the story would be borderline the fantasy, hence the hesitation. But curiosity won over me. Read on to know how it turned out.

Book Name: Harappa – Curse of the Blood River
Author: Vineet Bajpai
Genre: Fiction – Historical, drama
Characters: Vidyut, Damini, Vivasvan Shashtri, Naina, Bala

Setting: India

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Meet Vidyut, a young and powerful businessman who is a jack of all trades, who lives with the love of his life Damini. His perfect life is disturbed by a call from his great grandfather from Varanasi, who seems to be in his death bed. Vidyut leaves to a place which holds several secrets not only concerning his life but the entire human race. Unbeknownst to him, several events that were set off all over the world once he starts to his journey from Delhi.

We are told of the happenings in the Harappan civilization of the ancient past -the past that sees the effects of treachery and blood thirst. What is the relationship between modern day Vidyut and the fallen civilization? Only one man tell it all, his great grandfather who is running out of time and the strong and treacherous enemies are at bay. Read Harappa – Curse of the Blood River to find out more.

First of the premise is intriguing making us wonder if our school history text books were in fact, nothing but an elaborate ruse? Following the pattern laid by the likes of Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi and the new comer Luke Gracias, the story alternates between the past and present and the author does that with quite the flair.

Harappa - Curse of the Blood RiverI had known the book was the first of the series of four books, but I had not realized until I came to it, that it ends in a cliffhanger and it doesn’t answer many of the questions. This might be disconcerting to some of the readers, including me. There were few scenes in the middle that were clichéd and could have been very well done without.

The rich history and the strong story line related to Harappan civilization is well executed. The author makes us ponder where does the line between mythology and history lie. The dialogues were kinda off-putting especially the modern day’s, where no one uses that many slangs (yaa, yaar etc) in real life. And the writing gets kinda repetitive after a while. Yet, none of these reduce the pace set by the author until the very last.

The introduction kinda gave away the entire plot, at least the plot of the first book. And then there is a prologue which piqued the interest but again once we have read the introduction there is very little suspense to keep up. There are a few misgivings like how long does it take for a person to narrate a simple tale. But if we do overlook such logical reasoning, I would not be surprised if the Harappa – Curse of the Blood River ends up to be a best seller.


24 responses to “Book review: Harappa – Curse of the Blood River”

  1. Sounds like a good read! I like books that are a bit mythological and historical. So interesting!

  2. I don't read very many fantasy books myself, though the plot of this book does sound interesting. I really like that you have honestly pointed out some of the downfalls of the writing and the book, I always appreciate honesty like this in a book review.

  3. I enjoy reading books that have a historical element and this sounds perfect. . . and now I know that I will need to read all the books in the series!

  4. I hate it when it's a cliffhanger ending. Are you going to read the rest of the series?
    I love the fantasy genre, but there are definitely some things over done!

  5. I don't like cliffhangers but I do fancy myself an Indian so I am torn. However, I am unsure about reading book where the author attempts to do this whole relevant slang thing and fails at it.

  6. This seems like an interesting read. I am always looking for books to read. When I always like to have at least two books on hand so that I never run out!

  7. Kind of sucks that they gave away the plot from the very beginning. Ah well! I am looking for a good mystery to read, and I will take a look at it anyway.

  8. Getting left on a cliffhanger is no fun, but I also think it depends on how it's done. From your review, I don't know that this book would be one for me.

  9. I love suspense, but if the intro gave it away that would ruin it for me. Sounds like the cliffhanger would keep me going with the series though

  10. I never seem to have time to read anymore I have downloaded several books on to my Kindle but don't get around to actually reading them. This one sounds like it might be interesting I love a good mystery.

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