My top 10 unpopular bookish opinions

I LOVE BOOKS. But that shouldn’t come as news to you. You are here on my blog, so you would know. I am just not a bibliophile; I love everything related to books. I love the book smell, the library, bookish characters, of course talking to the authors and everything and anything that falls between these obsessions.

While I love talking about books and hearing / reading your thoughts about any book, I can not somehow join the bandwagon that everyone (am looking at you Buzzfeed) calls as being a book-nerd. (Does anyone get as annoyed as I do when people overuse ‘nerd’?).

My unpopular bookish opinions

Why, you ask? I do not conform to the popular (read as mainstream) norms and opinions of the book world according to the Internet. Here are my top 10 unpopular bookish opinions.

10) I don’t give books ‘star ratings’.

Until a short while ago, I rated books too, but I have liberated myself from the obligation to summarize all my feelings about a book to a star rating. I don’t want to be struggling to decide if I should give the book a 3 star or 3.5 star. Or worse, to give two very different books the same rating when they clearly aren’t. Read more about my issue with ratings here.

9) I am rarely a fangirl

It might come as a shocker to some people and even confuse a few. I might love the plot and writing and still hate the characters or feel meh about them. I rarely have a fangirling moment, but when I do, I can not stop gushing about them.

Fangirling: unpopular bookish opinions
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8) I still have not lost my love for people.

Sure I might be misanthropic sometimes. And even wiggle out of meeting friends because I don’t feel like it. Oh, I might hate talking to you right now because I have a book in my hand and I would rather finish that than gossiping with you.

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Well that is me! But none of that is due to my love for books. Not all book nerds have to be introverts or speak like a geek and be adorkable (I am looking at you, John Green). If you do, it is great and if you don’t it is great too!

Introvert: unpopular bookish opinions
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7) Some movies are better than books

I find no qualms in saying that there are some movies that have been better than their books. I am not going to deny that. Though I mostly prefer books to movies or TV series, there have been times that movies were as good as the books (like Gone Girl, The shining) as well as some that did better than the books (LOTR, PS I Love you, The room).

6) I prefer stand-alones to series

I don’t read book series. There, I said it. While every other book lover I know reads and obsesses about series after series, but I don’t have the patience to wait for the next book to be released. Or by the time it does get published, I would have forgotten all about it.

Patience: unpopular bookish opinions
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5) Book-nerds are not as judgemental as they seem

The Internet people all over the world seem to love bashing (read as, critique reviewing) titles like Twilight or Fifty shades, etc. Even I am guilty of doing that. I am yet to meet any book lover in real life to judge someone who reads something they don’t approve.

We might do that over the Internet; it is yet one other thing that the big bad mean world of the web makes us do. In real life, I am sure any book lover would feel a sense of bonding to see a book in your hand, whatever kind of reader you might be.

4) I don’t organize my bookshelves by color

I love spending hours gawking at #bookstagram. Come on, who doesn’t like looking at beautiful things? But I know it is not for me. I still arrange my books based on genre and then the size. And I still pick function over design.

This is probably one of the most unpopular bookish opinions.

Bookshelves: unpopular bookish opinions
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3) I am not cover obsessed

I don’t mind your judging the book by its cover; not at all. But I am surprised how far my fellow book people go with their cover obsession. It might have all started with the cover reveal parties; at least these parties, i.e., series of promotional posts have made book covers a huge deal.

I know friends who want the covers of all the books they own in a series to match. And if they don’t, they even buy multiple copies only for the covers. Sure they are pretty, but aren’t they a wee bit overboard? Maybe it is just me.

2) I highlight and dog-ear my books, sometimes… Rarely.. Okay never! But I don’t mind them

I treasure my books. I seldom lend them. And when I do, I may keep politely reminding (nudge or nag, rather) them until they give it back. Yet, I don’t mind an occasional highlight or dog-ear in my books. I don’t get a panic attack when some one does that.

Hey, I love loved books that I find from the thrift stores.

Dog earing: unpopular bookish opinions
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1) I don’t mind the spoilers

While the entire world is going crazy over the leaked spoilers, I for one don’t mind them at all.

If anything they make me more curious about how things are gonna turn into what I already know (thanks to the spoiler). See, I agree I would hate to know whodunnit too early, but dude, we know how most romance novels end.

So go on, tell me all about the book you loved, I still would read it without despising you. Spoilers are not a huge deal to me.

Spoiler: unpopular bookish opinions
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#Bonus: My non bookish unpopular opinion

I don’t understand pet parties.

I don’t, but I am almost sure your pets don’t enjoy wearing those party hats. The number of pet party supplies I see around my place is ridiculous. If you want to make them happy, let them be.

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What are your unpopular bookish opinions? Do you conform to the mainstream image of a book-nerd? Let me know, we can gossip quite a bit about them.

58 responses to “My top 10 unpopular bookish opinions”

  1. A movie being better than the book?!?! GASP SHOCK HORROR Blasphemy! I did like the movie version of Gone Girl, but the book was still better to me.

    I am a lover of bookstagram as well, but I definitely do not have the talent or patience to participate. I will stick to what I do best, gawking at pretty pictures of books.

    Bashing people who enjoy Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey annoys me to no end. It's amazing when people find books that make them love reading again or for the first time. We book lovers should encourage more of that. There are plenty of books to go around. We don't all need to enjoy the same ones.

    I am definitely anti-spoilers, but I'm less annoyed when I'm not as invested in the story.

  2. Spoilers never bother me because I'm reading to the end anyway. πŸ™‚ Books hold so many things that online reading just can't. There is nothing like sitting down with a good old fashion book in your hand with a quiet night and a hot cup of tea!

  3. I love reading and all things books but I don't have as much time to devote to it as I would like. I can relate to a lot of what you have posted here but I do still get annoyed at spoilers, maybe because I enjoy the not knowing while I am immersed in the book. I understand you point about series…I usually wait to start a series until they are done or there are plenty of books already published.

  4. My first time here and I must say, I am mightily impressed. I also relate to this kind of content, in terms of skimmable content. I am all for long form essays by the way (hello, NYT!) but that's because the writing quality is anyway stellar. I do wish more bloggers would make the reading easier for fellow bloggers and readers.

    For the number of book bloggers I have seen on the web, yours comes across as authentic, frank and (most importantly) well written. As an editor, my typo and grammar radar is always on high alert and whew, you passed with flying colours. So kudos for that!

    Con-Crit: To be clear, I had very little to quibble about, except a stray word here and there. For instance, 'Adorkable' and 'meh', but I am guessing that's more for the effect than actual sanctity of language?

    All in all, glad to have found you and yes, you've earned yourself a follower πŸ™‚

  5. Very interesting!! I'm big on not being spoiled though. It just ruins the feels for me to know what's coming. Great post! It's interesting to see what everyone's unpopular opinions are.

  6. Thank you for pointing out that you can love books without liking the same things everyone else does! So many people just don't quite get that. Also I'm the same when it comes to Bookstagram, yes it looks pretty, but how do you find your books? I would go crazy!

  7. I don't organise my shelf by color eighter. It looks cool, but I have to have my books on height otherwise I get annoyed at the height changes every few books.

    • Looks like you and I have a lot in common. I do love reading books, but I don’t obsess over everything bookish.

      Not bothered about covers, don’t care about arranging books by any theme (in fact, I have a messy bookshelf!), don’t see the point in making a song and dance about upcoming books or new releases, absolutely hate dog-eared books and highlighting pages… but it doesn’t make me any less of a book lover.

      Neither am I judging others for the way they choose to enjoy books and celebrate authors.

      To each their own.

  8. I agree with the whole dog ear and highlight thing. I think they ruin books. I use the post it stickies as my bookmark for two reasons. One, I loose my spot on the page when I come back to reading it. Two, it keeps from ruining the spine of the book. I started laughing when you said "book-nerds are not as judgmental as they seem". I agree with you there. We get looked at a certain way and criticized for something that we love.

  9. I am totally the same way about my books! I'm not an avid reader anymore but I hated dog eared pages or anything that made them look less than immaculate LOL

  10. I can relate to your point about ratings. It's sometimes so hard to determine if this is a 3 or a 4. Why go through that pressure in the first place, right?

  11. OMG lol! You remind me of me in a majority of these. Although, I do judge books by their cover I won't go as far as buying multiple copies of a book because of the cover changes though…not that deep for me.

  12. Being a book lover too, I agree with each and every point you have just put up. Especially the one with stand alones. I just don't have patience for series too

  13. I have been known to write in a book. If there is a new to me word I will look it up and write the definition in the margin. Last of the Mohicans is the one book to movie I always think of when comparing both. They are NOTHING alike and I love the movie much better.

  14. I dog ear and often write in my books, I love to have books that look well read, unpopular opinion though, as I know most people like to have their books in a good condition!

  15. Great post. I don't believe you go by how other people feel about a book. Some may think a book is great and when you read it you don't like it. If I shopping for new books I read a little snip of it and that's how I judge the book.

  16. Oh I share most of your unpopular opinions, which is why if I start on all the things we agree on, I will have to write an essay in your comment section, so I'll talk about the exceptions instead.

    I do enjoy standalones, but I also love reading series' as long as they are not overly long. BUT I only ever read series' once the last book is out, cause I have zero patience.

    And the one other thing would be – I really avoid spoilers. Sure I don't mind them in a romance, because who cares. But in a mystery/thriller, I avoid spoilers like the plague.

    P.S. I just added your blog to my reader on Feedly. So you'll be seeing a lot more of me around here.

  17. I totally agree from 1-7!

    However … Im sorry but I do am from thoses who do a lil party for my dogs birthday.. πŸ˜‚β€‹ they’d only wear the lil hat for pictures though, and they have a special treat as a cake and a gift also. even some minigames for a few hours ..

    • OMG.. you have to tell more so that I can get myself around the idea. I love dogs, do not get me wrong. But why would they enjoy wearing a hat πŸ˜›

  18. I agree with you on LOTR. I loved reading the series, but I totally think the movies are better. πŸ™‚

  19. I agree with all of these! And the trick with the series is to wait till they are finished and then start reading πŸ˜‰
    On my audiobook blog I don’t use ratings either. Sometimes when I scroll through my Goodreads list I see two books I rated with 4 stars and think: “Hey, they weren’t the same at all!” Are you a mood-reader, too? Maybe there’s a connection.

    • The only way I would read a series is after all the books are out but by then everyone would have already read it and I would not have company.

      And yes, I am a mood reader and TBR planning never works for me.

  20. I share quite a few of your unpopular bookish opinions, Gayathri. I most especially don’t give my books star ratings or organize my books by colour (I would never find anything). Great post! πŸ˜ƒ

  21. hahahah this post made me LMAO Gayathri !

    I agree with many things here! So we can be unpopular together πŸ™‚

    Mea Culpa for making fun of Twilight (which I reread many times LOL ) and FFoG which I finished (even though I DNF 80% of my books) I don’t think we make fun of the readers BUT of some aspects of the book πŸ™‚

    OMG I didn’t even know there was such thing as a Pet Party!!!

    I ADORE those beautiful bookstagram pics of bookshelves organized by color BUT I would never found a book if I did that πŸ™‚

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