Book Review: Parallel Lies

What do you do when all you have worked for threaten to fall in a minute? How do you escape from the past that you are ashamed and scared of? Parallel Lies written by Georgia Rose attempts to answer these questions through the life of Madaliene Rose.

Book Name: Parallel Lies
Author:  Georgia Rose
Genre: Fiction – Romance
Characters:  Madeleine Ross,  Daniel Travers, Tag,  Letitia, Ben, Cubby.
Setting: England, The UK
Disclaimer: Thanks to the Author for the free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Maddy lives in a laid back, picturesque village. She has made friends with a few, yet believes she will be considered an outsider whatever she does. She wishes that she blends into their life without arousing any suspicion to escape from her past. Will the reality catch up with her fake life?

Enters Dan, her new boss who disapproves everything she does – her ethics, her job, and her lifestyle. The attraction seems mutual, but Dan would not take anything less than what he bargains for. When things finally smoothen for them, her luck runs out. Her ex and everything else that she has been running away for years have finally leaped on her. Can she survive this setback? Would running away again solve her problems? Would her self-righteous boyfriend be able to handle her truths? Read Parallel Lies to know more.

The story travels at a slow pace, but the writing grows on you. It takes about a 100 pages for the story to move, and we get to meet the other characters. Though we primarily hear the story from Maddy’s POV we get to hear Dan’s view a few times, which help us understand Maddy’s history and character better.

I loved how Maddy’s character developed throughout, from someone who was struggling to fit into her fake life to someone who has realized what she wants in life and lets her past go. I liked how she helps Kourtney to move ahead in her life, and the other minor characters like Diane and Chris are nicely etched.

I didn’t care much for the parts of Dan’s POV in the second person, and thankfully they were few and short. Parallel Lies is surely a Happily Ever After kind of story, yet it offers many variations from the heart-wrenching ones that we often get to read. It involves action, mystery, drama, and pinch (or more) of romance – a perfect combination for a summer read.
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  1. Thank you so much for this terrific review, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the read so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and the trouble to write such a detailed review as it's great to receive feedback.

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