Book Review: Tribal Affairs

I don’t read that many  fantasy books that are not horror based. That is not because I don’t like them but the premises are usually harder for me to get into. When I was approached for the review of YA fantasy fiction ‘Tribal Affairs’, I loved the relaxed narrative style, and I hoped I would like it. Read more to know.

Book Name: Tribal Affairs Author:  Matt Dallmann
Genre: Fiction – Paranormal Fantasy
Characters: Liana, Dahlia, Taffi, Jamison, Stefan, Amon
Disclaimer: Thanks to the Author and iRead Book Tours for the Review Copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Liana is a teenager whose magician father is losing his charm, and she decides to wear her late mother’s anklet. Little does she knows that she is about to set forth a great chaos in the realms of humans as well as genies alike. Dahlia the genie that is trapped in the anklet tries to connect to Liana through her dreams.

Liana suffers from depression and is being treated by Dr Rattner, just as her mother did. She believes she is losing her mind, as she sees and feels things that are not real. How much of what she sees is real and which is not?

As if things were not already complicated, Liana gets herself cursed to disappear, and she is pursued by a strong and powerful, evil genie. Does Liana solve the mystery about Dahlia and the evil genie? What is wrong with her mentally? Read Tribal Affairs to know more.

The story alternates between the tale of Dahlia and Liana, a genie and a teenager in the present. The shift in the story was kinda abrupt and hard to grasp initially, but later on, it becomes better. The conversations and the writing style is easy to follow, given that it is primarily aimed at the YA crowd. But Tribal Affairs might suit to all age group alike.

There are a few moments in the story that you might feel outta place if you had jumped in thinking only of Aladdin’s Genie.The Djinn/genie world seems much more complicated than that. They have even feuds between their tribes (thus the name Tribal Affairs, get it?) and lots of restrictions on their power. So much for the shape-shifting goofy genies! sob sob.  But kudos to the strong world building that even a genie noob like me could understand.

If you are a fan of YA fantasy, then you should pick this book Tribal Affairs right away. Even if you are not, try the book you might end up liking it thanks to its interesting narration.

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14 responses to “Book Review: Tribal Affairs”

  1. I will add this to my TBR I don’t read a lot of YA but I do read a lot of fantasy. Great review, thanks for putting this book on my radar.

    • Fantasy and sci-fi are the overarching category names. It used to be just science fiction, but fantasy writers wanted a category that was more distinct to them. So that being said, all fantasy books have a level of fantasy and if there are any aliens, science, or space involved it is considered science fiction. The difference between urban fantasy and paranormal is a lot more gray, but here is what I know. Paranormal means the who story revolves around characters that are paranormal where urban fantasy has a combination of normal people and paranormal. I think Bewitched would be considered urban fantasy and Supernatural would be considered paranormal. Does any of that make sense?

  2. I LOVE Genies! Hahhha so this sounds good. I’m not sure about breaking the rules but that does bug me some too.

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