Book review: Second Chance

Why are some people rude to people without thinking twice? Do they realize the effects of their actions on others’ lives? Do they know they are hurting, belittling and may even pushing the other person to the edge?

And most of importantly, would they change their behavior towards other people if they were given a Second Chance?

About the book

Second Chance

Book Name: Second Chance

Author: Sandeep Jatwa

Genre: Fiction – Drama; Paranormal

Characters: Shekhar Kappor, Unnati Sharma, Manohar, Kailash

Setting: India

Disclaimer: Thanks to V Influencers for sending me the free copy of the Kindle edition in exchange of an honest review.


The story begins with Shekhar Kapoor, a business tycoon and the owner of Aerowalk Shoes receiving a strange telephone call from ‘the city of justice’ warning him to change his behavior and to be a better person. He ignores it presuming it was a prank call and continues to live his life.

Shekhar Kapoor is the stereotypical businessman who would do anything to get whatever he wishes for. He holds a grudge against his paralyzed father for decades now. He does everything to make sure the lives of people he doesn’t like a hell and promotes men who praise him and women who sleep with him. Yes, our protagonist is a petty, arrogant, disrespectful and obnoxious guy.

Back to the plot, he receives two more warnings and when he disregards them, he meets with an accident and dies (!!). The book is called Second Chance for a reason, that is what he exactly gets but not without being a taught a lesson or two. Was it enough to change him? And if it was, does he change for good or worse? Read Second Chance to know more.

My initial thoughts

By far, Second Chance is my quickest read of 2017 and it took me an hour and a little more to finish it, thanks to the simple narrative style of Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. The book reminded me a lot of the movie Anniyan (Tamil) / Aparichat (Hindi), which explains a lot about the punishments one would receive in Hell, after your Judgment Day according to Hindu Mythology.

Things that didn’t work for me

Again the writing style irritated me to the core. The sheer number of grammatical errors and the literal translation of the Indian slang into English made me cringe. The characters were all one dimensional and flat, and none of them ever developed until the end.

Things that worked for me

  • Despite the above-mentioned problems I had with the book, the story had me sucked in.
  • Not that it was unpredictable but I just wanted to know how it turned out for Shekhar.
  • The moral lessons were spot on and the lesson about Karma was growing stronger, (some may consider this a spoiler) except that Shekhar ends the story saying “Why can’t we do the right thing in the wrong way?”. Erm.. so the Second Chance did not work? Or has it?

My thoughts in general

This is not part of my critical view of the writing or the characters as such, but I feel the need to say these things as an angry reader. I did not even mind the cardboard cut characters, but the portrayal of the female characters, even the flat ones. There are about five women in the story.

One is introduced as a airhead, who sleeps with someone and gets a promotion after being in the company for a week. Another employee who is ‘pretty’ but ditched by her fiancé when she becomes bald temporarily, due to a surgery.

The same female was enraged when she is passed on for a promotion that she very well deserves but gives up her career to take care of her fiancé’s bed ridden father. I mean ‘okay, it is her right and all’ but it bothers me how all the women had to be reduced being ‘pretty’ ‘docile’ and ‘beautiful’ repeatedly. There is more to us.

Maybe am just being overtly sensitive. (I AM NOT)

Bottom – line

Anyway, if you are up for a story that has a good balance between suspense and moral lessons, that has a simple narrative Second Chance should be your pick.

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24 responses to “Book review: Second Chance”

  1. I love your reviews! This sounds like an interesting premise and I agree with you on the female characters – I would be stamping my little foot…

  2. Great review. I really appreciate book that take time to develop good strong (realistic) characters. I think this book is a pass for me.

  3. Haha, your reviews are so emphatic! I like reading narratives, just makes me feel more connected to the characters!

    • Thanks, Sorry that you had to read a review for a book I didn’t love. I promise my other reviews are more emphatic 😛

  4. I really love the idea behind this book, of him getting a warning call and then having to face the consequences of not changing his ways. But then when it comes to translation you have to be very careful because you can’t do literal translations all the time. You have to be a bit creative too to get the translation right. It ain’t easy!

    My november wrap up:

  5. Sounds a bit like a cross between Scrooge and a film I can’t remember the title of – man who has made some bad choices gets run over and dies, sent to heaven and has to pass some interviews to see if he can be sent back to earth for a second chance.

  6. I gotta say, that is a weird cover 😀 I am always repulsed by weird covers. Maybe I’m wrong, I shouldn’t judge it by the cover xD (but… I still do.)

    An hour and a little more??? Wow! That’s… so short o_o or maybe you’re just fast?

    But the bit you say about the errors and the writing style. See, that’s why I do not choose books with such covers. Cause often when you have a cover like that, it also means the inside will be riddled with mistakes. It just somehow works that way. A LOT of the time!

    • I reluctantly agree with the cover thing. Most of the time I don’t even look at the cover until I post my reviews but I felt this was a weird one when I was downloading itself.

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