Bloggers’ Comment Junction: A Link up

You know what is the best thing I love about blogging?
Waking up in the morning to read comments from my readers.

Second favorite?
Replying to those comments, even before I get off my bed.

I love talking about books and my feelings towards them to every person in my life. Unfortunately, that would mean chasing off many people who are not as interested in (read as obsessive about) books. So I do my next favorite thing. Write about them.

Writing is almost like talking, but it is fun only when you have someone to talk back to you, right? That is why receiving comments on my blog makes all the difference. I am sure it feels as good for you too.

I am pretty sure most of us write on our own spaces mainly to talk about things that we are passionate about, like books, writing or whatever that might be. And it would mean the world to everyone to get more comments on their posts.

Let me not even start on the benefits of backlinks and the traffic you are gaining from leaving comments on other blogs. So why not make use of them while you spread sunshine all around the blogosphere.

Give and you shall receive! Leave thoughtful and friendly comments and receive them in return.

So here is how it goes:

Drop the link to your blog here if
1) You want people to visit your blog and leave thoughtful comments and
2) You will visit and leave thoughtful comments back on the blogs that commented on yours.

I will add your links for display to others on my blog for others to visit and leave their comment. You can also grab this button and spread the word among your peeps. And then you all can go ahead and become the best of friends forever.

Elgee Writes

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Let us talk

Let me know what you think of this idea. Are you ready for more people visiting your blog? Would you spread the word about this idea? Or are you feeling okay with the comments you receive already?


107 responses to “Bloggers’ Comment Junction: A Link up”

  1. If this is still up at the beginning of the year, I will sign up for this. It sounds like a very positive way to support each other. So glad you are doing it.

  2. What a lovely idea! I will have to save and come back and join in and will share on my blog as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your blog, and can not wait to find other great blogs.

  4. What an awesome idea! I love reading the comments as well. I’m just so busy with the holidays that I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up at the moment, but will bookmark this for the future!

  5. This is a great way for us bloggers to support each other and to also find new blogs to follow. Getting comments on our posts is fantastic and it’s always so fun to see how people react to what we write about.

  6. Love this idea 🙂 I am all for comments since it builds community like nothing else can!

    I’ve left a link to my latest post in your form. Not sure if you needed the home page URL or a specific link. Either way, I welcome comments 😀

    Also, I will add your badge and hey my latest post is a linky too. So it’s a linky within a linky. 🙂

  7. This is a great idea! It is so important for us bloggers to support each other- it’s one of the best things about being a blogger- feeling the love!!

  8. I remember doing something like this in early 2011 when I was starting to really build up my blog and had great success. But then as time passed and people moved on to social media, comments on blogs became infrequent. I hope that this initiative brings people to read and comment on blogs

    • Oh, commenting would never go out of fashion. I just moved into a new space, so I might have lost a few followers. But the friends I made through commenting have stayed with me through the migration.

  9. This is a great idea, I had filled the form and I’ll be waiting to see what blogs I would have to comment on. I adore this idea because I love receiving comments and commenting back on other people’s blogs! <3

  10. What a great idea! One of the things I have enjoyed most about blogging has been the connections and friendships I have made through various groups.

  11. now this is a great way to make a supportive team, which is nice to have in the blogging world! (only bloggers know how much goes into this job/hobby/whatever it is to whoever ; )

  12. That’s neat ! I always try my best to leave comments when I can and replies to people on mine, or atleast like it if I really can’t find anything at that moment.. (sorry im late ! 😅​)

  13. What an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing this post. I hope you’ll success with your assignment. I’m looking forward to sign up for this.

  14. As a blogger, I really sympathise with what you have written about your feelings and your favourite thing-to-do with your blog! Your idea is truly awesome – connecting with others and developing nice relationships are just amazing! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  15. […] comment back, it feels more like a community rather than commenting into the great dark internet! She’ll add you to the list if you agree to comment back […]

  16. I’ve completed the form. Not sure if you’re still doing this, I don’t post a lot but when I do I’d love some activity and I don’t mind sharing the love with other blogs/pages

  17. I think I completed the form but am not seeing it on the list. Are you still adding to it? Perhaps you haven’t gotten to it yet, and that’s okay! I just thought I would check. I will visit others’ sites in the meantime! Thanks!

  18. I may join this at some point but I currently already support dozens of blogs a day, plus the ones in the blogger group so finding the time would be a challenge. Either way- great idea.

  19. Hallo, Hallo Gayathri,

    I am so thankful for this as well – I would love more engagement on my blog – I do not always receive commentary on the posts I’m writing even though my blog is well read. I’ve been seeing a bit of an increase in direct engagements with commentary since I joined #blogging4books in August ’18 – however, I would love to continue to increase the chatter and convos in the threads below my posts moving into 2019. I always wanted to have convos under my posts and hope by joining this group and the #C4CC, perhaps I’ll happily be greeted by comments more than every odd moon.

    Thanks for hosting and for connecting us!

  20. Years ago there was a similar initiative but most of the bloggers who signed up have since gone on a hiatus or don’t have time to interact anymore. I’m always looking for new blogs to visit and support so thank you for kick starting a new movement!

  21. I love this idea especially since I’m just starting out. However, I can’t get either text (the link from this page or the one from the post of other participating blogs) to work. It just appears as a broken image.

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