One with the ‘No Internet’ Holiday: Spotlight Sunday #04

I am back from Georgia after the holidays and I am so glad I took it. I never felt like I needed a holiday until I took it. AND I SAW the SNOWFLAKES FALLING and even tried to ski. Of course, the country has much more than just snow and it wouldn’t suffice to say I loved Georgia, the country.

It is the country, not the US state, peeps.

I think I should make a post on my trip instead of hogging this post, right? But I am gonna be sharing some irrelevant pictures from my trip anyway. Just Cuz I Can.

Around the blogosphere

I have only a few links to share this week from the blogsphere since I was out of internet all week. Lets get right on to it.

1) It is true that I am over enthused to talk about my recent trip to Europe but do you know what else I am thrilled about? Meghan Markle is marrying the Prince. I loved her from Suits and if you are like and can’t get enough of them, you should catch upon these books on royals from Bustle.

2) I got to read this excellent post from Avalinahsbooks on getting more comments on your blog with Shruti from This is lit and I loved it. I know I keep sharing lots of Eva’s posts week after week but what can I do she does so many of these awesome posts under #NewBloggers101

Not just snow!

3) Fanna offered her two cents on the status of book bloggers in the current publishing scenario. I loved it and it was definitely much needed morale boost.

4) While we are on the topic of the loving blogging community, Lara talks about why she loves blogging. I can’t agree with her enough on the reasons why I love blogging – books, the wonderful bookish community, more books and talking about books.

The Quintessential Europe!

5) I might be the last one to try these Hogwarts sorting hats but I finally did it, it was quite fun. You should try them too.

6) If you are like me binging on Fanfics over the internet between the books, then you should relate with the pain of having to read 10 bad ones to find a gem. Cat on the shelf tells us how she finds the best one in

Straight out of a spooky movie, right? Boo!

On my blog

On Monday’s review section we had Camino Island by John Grisham.


And the Flyaway Friday had a Q & A from Marie of Drizzles and hurricane giving us an insider view about living in France.


I did catch up on a bit of reading on the flight and ticking off my status on the A-Z Reading challenge as well.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

Thats all from my side, folks. I am gonna have to hit my bed after almost a week’s time and hopefully I will dream of snow. Let me know how your week was and gossips at your end. I will be replying each one of you, I swear.

39 responses to “One with the ‘No Internet’ Holiday: Spotlight Sunday #04”

  1. Glad your trip was a good one! Love the pics too. 🙂

    And thanks for sharing the links. I’ll definitely have to check out Drizzles’ French post.

  2. Georgia is so so pretty! I’m glad you had an amazing trip there <3 Also, thank you for mentioning my post! You know how much your appreciation means to me? 😀 And thanks for linking other great posts I can divulge myself in.

    • I will definitely try doing a post on my trip, but I should find some time to get back to blogging now. Life is being a drag now!

  3. I LOVE Meghan Markle in Suits too, and I’m so sad that she has to leave the show now, but I’m glad her character is getting a happy ending and not getting killed off.
    Eva’s recent posts have been AMAZEBALLS! All of them have been full of great info for both new and season bloggers.
    AMEN!! I think book bloggers should start charging publishers for all the time they spend hyping their books because it seems publishers don’t appreciate all the benefits they get for the price of zero dollars and zero cents.
    YES! YES! and YEEEESSSS!!!!
    Every time I take a quiz, it tells me I’m in Ravenclaw, so no more Sorting Hat quizzes for me.

    P.S. Your pictures are lovely, and I’m glad you had such an amazing trip!

    • I can’t wait for the next Suits season, especially with Katherine Heigl in it now. Oh I have a post on being a paid blogger soon, but just when I get over this blogging slump!
      P.S Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks Dani! It was so fun that I am still nursing a holiday hangover that I have not even posted or commented on my blog.

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