Flyaway Friday: Get ready to pack your bags to Finland

Have your bags packed and ready to go on a trip around the globe on our weekly feature on ‘Flyaway Friday‘? Last month we took a trip to France and we returned safely, didn’t we? As you all know I am obsessed with snow and ice these days following my trip to Georgia, so I decided to pick up a country that would help me continue to do just that. And here it is – we are traveling to Finland this month.

Finland, offically called the Republic of Finland, is one of the north European countries. I am sure you would know that, but let us learn a little bit more about Finland before we take the trip. Shall we get on with it?

Some more facts about the country to begin with:


Here are a few things you can learn right awayΒ to impress your friends and family.

Did someone say I am nerdy?

1) Finland shares the border with Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden to the northwest.

Photo Credit: peabodylibrary

2) You can see the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis from the northern Finland for most part of the year.

3) Oh how could I forget to mention that the Santa Claus village is in Finland where one can see the real Santa Claus? All you have to visit Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, Finland. The small town receives about 300,000 annual visitors every year.

Photo Credit: visitrovaniemi

4) You can celebrate new year twice in 24 hours in Finland. Finland is two hours behind GMT and Sweden is just one hour behind GMT which means you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in Finland and then cross over the Karesuando outpost (specially marked for this purpose) to regain the lost 60 minutes and celebrate NYE again.

5) Though called the land of thousand lakes, there are about 188000 lakes in Finland which have the cleanest water in the world.

Photo Credit: spawellbeing

6) Finland just celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence on December 6, 2017. Everything that you see Finns winning in today’s world has been achieved in the past 100 years, which seems a mighty success to me.

7) James Bond’s favorite globe chair was designed in Finland by Eero Aarnio. It is just one example of the sleek, minimal and functional Finnish designs that have become a fashion statement.

Photo Credit: inspirationfeed

8) Finns are generally said to be silent and introverted people. At least that is how they are portrayed in the Finnish Nightmares and other blogs. (I am mentally filing away that question to ask our Finnish guest blogger who will be writing on one of these Fridays)

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You will hear more about the country, the Finns and of course the books from Finland in the subsequent weeks.

So stay connected.

Do you know any other trivia about Finland or their culture? What else do you want to hear about the countries here. Let us know.


26 responses to “Flyaway Friday: Get ready to pack your bags to Finland”

  1. I’m looking forward to this series of posts! Finland sounds so amazing with the norhtern lights and so many clean lakes. Especially with that cool one-hour difference with Sweden that can win me two NYEs haha πŸ˜€ That must be so cool. Lovely posts, Gayathri!

  2. I Love this! My life dream is to stay in one of those see through igloos and look up at the Aurora Borealis! I am a huge snow fan, and I would definitely be visiting Santa! I wanna go now!

  3. Hahaha I laughed at the Finnish Nightmares so much πŸ˜€ it’s so true! I’m not Finnish, but I’m Northern enough to totally understand this. It’s like the Norther-uhm-more we get, the more the population turns introverted πŸ˜€ I’ve GOTTA follow that blog, lol.

    I haven’t been to Finland, cause lol I haven’t been anywhere, really, but I have worked with some Finns, so I know a little bit about them. Nice people.

    • I have been addicted to the Finnish Nightmare blog for quite sometime now. Even before I chose the country for the month I knew I would be using the images from that blog whenever I would choose Finland.

      I might agree with the correlation between North and introverts even. We Indians and Arabics are absolutely boisterous and have almost zero respect (or need) for privacy. I think I should do a post on country and stereotypes soon πŸ˜› This is why I love talking with you Eva <3

      • Hahaha, thanks πŸ˜€ yeah, actually, I met one American person who moved here and he said he LOVES it how people just leave him alone here xD he’s very introverted, and apparently it’s so much easier to live here when you’re like that, as opposed to where he’s from.

        • I totally understand that. I love exactly the same – personal space and privacy are rare in the places I have lived.

  4. Love your fun facts, please do Holland soon, one of my favorite authors was born and reared there – Freya Barker.

  5. I have always wanted to go to Finland πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing this…and making me wish I was there lol.

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