Death Comes As The End: A Book Review

People, I am on a roll. I read another Agatha Christie on the way home back and she surprised me yet again. I was expecting a straight forward Whoddunit; and she delivered much more than that. Dame Christie takes a different route with Death Comes As The End from her normal slueth plots and makes it a historic fiction with lots of family drama. Intrigued? Keep reading.

Book Name: Death Comes As The End
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Fiction โ€“ Thriller
Characters: Imhotep, Nofret, Renisenb, Yohmose, Satipy, Sobek, Kait, Ipy, Hori, Kameni, Henet
Setting: Ancient Egypt

Death comes as the end

Unlike the usual Christie novels, Death Comes As The End is set in the ancient Egypt and talks a lot about the practices and belief system of Egyptians. The lives of the seemingly peaceful family of the Ka Priest Imhotep is disrupted when he arrives with a young and manipulative concubine Nofret. Though they do not voice their opinions out aloud, his sons and their wives resent her. To get them back, Nofret schemes to get rid them and rob them out of their legacies. Soon her body is conveniently found dead at the foot of the cliff.

The family dismisses it as a fateful accident but the body count continues to raise. Everyone has a motive and almost all of them have had the chance. What follows is a classic whodunnit; chase that only Christie can spell out. And of course I am not gonna spoil it for you, and you will have to read Death Comes As The End to find it out more.

Death comes as the end

Death Comes As The End is a compulsive drama with a mystery focus with an interesting cast. I never was able to guess who the murderer was until it was revealed. At one point I was sure who the culprit was, only to find out they were the next victim. I swear this is quite rare. The last time that this happened was with another Agatha Christie.

I was watching the Murder on the Orient express last week, just after I finished reading this book and I couldn’t help but wonder how does she do it? How can Dame Agatha Christie think up so many variety of drama and add a thriller element to it. I give up, she is the best of best.

If you want to read a short mystery with an element of family drama, Death Comes As The End should be your pick. You can read my reviews of other Agatha Christie novels here.

Which is your favorite Agatha Christie novel? Do you like them made into films? Have you watched the Murder on the Orient Express? Let us talk.

29 responses to “Death Comes As The End: A Book Review”

    • I wouldn’t have ever heard it if a friend of mine was not bent on reading all the Christie novels. I am glad I did.

  1. I looove Agatha Christie, especially her Poirot. I have re-watched the tv series so many times, but I haven’t read her books in forever. Glad to find a fellow blogger who enjoys her as much as I do!

  2. Agatha Christie just never goes wrong, right?! Haha, she’s such a great writer and story teller and both these talents give us such amazing mysteries to devour. I haven’t read this one yet but seems like another mystery that keeps you guessing till the end, so it must be amazing, no doubt <3 Great review, Gayathri!

  3. I don’t recall this one… I thought I had read them all… Thanx for your lovely review, I always enjoy your posts

  4. Great Review! Ohh a book set in Ancient Egypt plus it is an Agatha Christie book. Please sign me up I need this book in my life. I have never read a book set in Ancient Egypt before and I absolutely love Agatha Christie books. Thank you so much for sharing and for putting this book on my radar.

  5. I was thinking about your blog and you reading AC. It has made me want to read more of her books. I’ve only read AND THEN THERE WAS NONE. I head great things about the new Murder on the Orient Express movie. I want to watch it and then read the book to compare them.

    • I can assure you the book is soo much better than the movie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. And ‘And then there were none’ is my most favorite of hers.

  6. I really like the sound of this! I have only read one Agatha Christie novel before – And then there were none – and I absolutely loved it! I want to try more of her books and I love that you couldn’t guess who the culprit was. I am so adding this to my list. Also, Anciet Egypt setting? So cool.

    • And they were none is one of all my favorite book and the most favorite of Agatha Christie’s. You will love this as well.

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