Spotlight Sunday: #08 One from when I found a new library  

Hello people, I come bearing good news. I at last got my system got working again and had to completely reformat the hard drive. So I will have to catch up with all your posts and comments and I will get to that right away.


I have been hinting during the past few (or more) weeks about me attending the Dubai literature festival and I finally attended it. It was fantastic to say the least. I saw several of those awesome writers and authors.


I saw likes of Joe Hill, Anthony Horowitz, Sashi Tharoor et al and I also renewed my interest in poetry. Maybe I will write a post on them in a few days. Well, I found my new favorite spoken word artist Afra Atik and she is something.

But most of all I found my tribe of people. YES Bookworms! I loved meeting and chatting away about books and writing to many of them. One of them even found me a library that is affordable and considerably closer to my house. Yay to that!

Another thing that I loved about the festival was the number of children and teens who attended and flocked to see their favorite authors. I was kinda feeling emotional and tad overwhelmed by all their love for books. It reminded me of myself when I was kid who couldn’t wait to go home after schools just to open my books.


And all these have got the bookworm in me pumped up and I finished two books just the last week. And I promise to churn out more of those blog posts and comments hereon. And I am back on track (hopefully).

I am so so far behind on my comment365 challenge – I have visited about 28 blogs and we are on 76th day today. *ducks shamefully*

What I read

I finished two books in the last two weeks. And that makes a total of 8 books on my A – Z challenge for 2018. Check it out here

  1. Geography of You and Me, The by Jennifer E. Smith
  2. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

And for this month’s Flyaway Friday I am not travelling far from my place but you are for sure. Yes we are gonna talk about United Arab Emirates, yay the place where I am currently put up. And I got a book worm who is an Emirati to post more about the country. So keep up guys.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

Are you guys mad at me? Did you miss me at all? Please please say yes. I love you all loads. How do you guys catch up with all the pending stuff. Let’s chat. 

22 responses to “Spotlight Sunday: #08 One from when I found a new library  ”

  1. I’m excited to learn about a new place! Glad you got to go to a book festival, we don’t have any close to where I live but maybe I can work on changing that. Yay on finding a new library and meeting new bookworms. Hope you have a great week!

    • Yes I am super excited about the library too. I will going there this week I guess, just to scout the books!

  2. The book festival sounds awesome! Yay for that. And sorry to hear about the hard drive issues, although hopefully you are back up and running now. 🙂

    • It was a good one and I had a hard time explaining to people who cast me dirty looks that the title was misleading (or was it?). And I will remember to post a review soon.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time at the book festival – and I always feel happy to see younger people visiting book festivals and being all excited to meet an author. I cannot wait for the book fests in my city!

    Happy reading and have a great week!

  4. I haven’t been to your blog in wayyyy too long. I miss you!

    Oh man, that sucks to hear about reformatting the hard drive – but at least it finally works! I’m so happy to hear all that awesome stuff about the festival 🙂

    I’m curious to hear about UAE cause I know next to NOTHING about it!!

    And I sooo totally miss you!

  5. Of course we’re not mad at you, and of course we missed you!!!! That festival sounds like the best, and those young people getting excited about books and reading brings a thug tear in my eyes.

    P.S. Afra Atiq is a dope spoken word artist! I hope she punched that a-hole kid in the face. 😉

    • I have been stalking Afra’s performances on Youtube since I heard her first in the Litfest. And here I am for good.

  6. Oh no ! hard drive misshap is a pain to deal with.. hopefully nothing important got lost .. and hey, it does gives you a fairly good excuse to be behind on the 365comments challenge.. hehehe ..

    Aww I love to see younglings like I was being pumped up about reading <3 and yes, I did missed you !! ((also, id wanna see that post on poetry !))

    • I will try to catch the 365 Challenge but only after visiting the blogs of our friends first. But someday I will.

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