Spotlight Sunday: #10 One where I got back on track

April is proving to be as good as I hoped it would be. And I happy to share that I finished two books in a week. That is how many I read in the last month.

What I read this week

1) Alias Grace by Margret Atwood – I was so excited about this book but kept putting it off worrying what if I din’t like it. And guess what, I LOVED it. I hope I get to write a review soon for the book. And then start with the Netflix series.


2) Love hate and other filters – I read this book also as part of the A – Z reading challenge and it has been the talk of the Twitter world. I stayed up all night to finish it.

What I watched this week

Did anyone else see Netflix’s adaptation of Anne of Green Gables and feeling as irked as me? Why on earth would they want to change a sunshiney positive book into dark and melancholic? Damn you Netflix!

I gave in and re-colored my hair with (Wait for it) violet peekaboo streaks. I love it and hopefully they won’t run out any soon.

Violet and black!

I have kept up my running schedule. I missed it just one day during the week and that is not due to my laziness, which is a wonder.

It is my best friend’s birthday today and though we are not living nearby, we spoke. So once again Happy Birthday, girl.

Around the blogosphere

I got back to blog hopping. If I missed your blog and you can leave me your link to your blog here.

Here are some of the posts / articles I loved online during the week.

1) Book storm Girl’s posts never fail to make me chuckle. And her latest post on avoiding death by reading is worth a read.

2) I loved the cute little tattoo Lauren from Northern Plunder got a few weeks so much that I spend some time online staring at these tiny minimalist tattoos for too long for my own good.

3) The history geek in me loves reading books related to World War II and this massive book list from book riot is gonna keep me busy for a while.

On my blog

The week on my blog was far from full but it beats from a week of silence right?


The last Sunday Spotlight was on One with March wrap up and no other news!


I did a review shots on A mix of Poetry, cartoon and a dash of business strategies

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

Pin me!

Let us talk

So how was your week? Did you reach your reading goals? What are the things that kept you entertained last week. Share it with us and let us talk.

30 responses to “Spotlight Sunday: #10 One where I got back on track”

    • I have not seen the original one, though I have seen so many variations of it. I will hunt that one down.

  1. I haven’t seen the Netflix version of Anne but I’m not surprised they went dark with it, seems like that’s the rage lately with adaptations? Sorry it was disappointing though, that would be frustrating! Anne of green Gables doesn’t seem like the right property to go that way with!

    Love the hair streaks! 🙂

    Have a super week!

    • Exactly. I am okay with everyone being dark and melancholic, but it is Anne. Her USP was she being positive and all sparkly. And they changed that.

  2. Love the new hair! It is beautiful! I haven’t seen the Netflix Anne series, but I read about it being darker which is why I have avoided it. I want to read more Atwood so I may have to read Alias Grace myself.

    • I didn’t dislike the Anne series but I expected to see a feel good adaptation and was denied that. Alias Grace is wonderful.

  3. I really want to read Alias Grace – I still need to get the book – so that I can watch the Netflix series. I rather read the book before watching the film/TV series.

    I love your hair! .

    Happy readings! 😉

    • I was holding off watching the series just for the same reason. Now that I have finished reviewing I can finally enjoy watching it guilt free.

  4. Your hair looks amazing! I wanted to do that color for my hair too. Hope it stays in too, keep us updated. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. I want to read Alias Grace, but I want to read The Handmaid’s Tale first. I have yet to watch any of the TV shows so better start reading!

    Your hair looks really nice – I love violet!

  6. Ohh awesome looking hair !! Hopefully it hasn’t got out already as I type this.. I LOVE to dye my hair purple lately, even more than I loved the red ! In fact, I did put two different tone of purple in my hair recently aswell hehe ..

    yay for 2 books in a week !! that ‘s how I have read so far in april too, although i’m so near finishing my 3rd one !! Also happy to know you’ve kept running !! I so not have the motivation for that .. hah x)

  7. Your hair color is SOOO pretty! I’ve been wanting to get streaks in my hair but I’m worried they won’t match my baby-face. D:

  8. It sounds like April has been a brilliant month for you! I absolutely love the hair colour change, and it’s great that you’ve been reading so much. It also sounds like you’ve been loving what you have been reading as well, which is a win. And yay for keeping up with your schedule!

  9. Hey Gayathri!
    I hope you are doing well… I popped in to check out a post and found you’ve been gone. I hope you know we missed you (and you are rocking those peekaboo streaks! 😍) ♥️

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