Things I scream when I read the Young Adult lit

You might have noticed I am of late reading a it more of Young Adult literature than other genres. Even though I am trying to keep a balance among all the type of books in my blog, the truth is I have read more YA in the past one year than ever.

I never was into young adult fiction before that and to be honest, I used to avoid them like plague, But then these books happened and the rest as they say is history.

As a result of the surge in the number of reviews I have posted on my blog, the number of unsolicited review requests for YA books have sky rocketed. Not that I complain. But I can’t help but notice some lots of similarities among those novels that I can’t take it anymore. 

How many time do you ask yourself these questions when you read these Young Adult novels?

7) Why do you need a public confrontation?

What is with you, kids and the crowd? In real life, most of us would run away from a confrontation like a plague (at least I do). But if there is a problem in your Young Adult drama filled life, every accusation / confrontation / break up has to be in front of your peers and their mothers. 

Young Adult

6) Who are you, really?

I am yet to meet someone in real life who is so clumsy and yet so graceful when the tide turns. You drop everything, fall down the stairs and even get lost in your own city, but you are independent and gonna fight the dragons. What am I missing here?
How many books have you read about the self proclaimed plain lead who finally realizes that she is beautiful after a make over and the hot guy asking her out? 
Why do the ‘unpopular’ guy have to fall for the popular, mean girl only to realize the awkward plain girl best friend is all he needs? He has to wait for her to get a make over too, I guess. 

Young Adult

5) Is this how teens talk these days?

This is my pet peeve. 
How do these teens in most Young adult books talk in lengthy monologue, quote Shakespeare or be an archer? When did nerdy teens become the default? 
Of course I like reading about nerds but most of them are cut out of a card board. 

Young Adult

4) How do they fall for that person?

Talking about card boards, how does the strong, graceful and special protagonist fall for the love interest that is flat, one dimensional but super hot? Does being physically attractive become the only quality that they are concerned about

I know this is a problem even in adult / contemporary books, but its effect is more jarring in the young adult literature. But I am so done with the dark, brooding bad boy and the popular hot girls as love interests for the protagonists.

Young Adult

3) Where are the parents, teachers – AKA adults?

When I was a young adult myself (not too far past) there is no way that I could get away from the eyes of the adults for even two hours. Befriending rando strangers from the street was a strict no no. And here are kids whose lives are entirely dependent on a random stranger, with no prior qualifications. 
Seriously if there were one responsible adult around these kids most YA plots won’t even exist.

Young adult

2) Why are the adults the bad ones always?

If you did have some adults, they are pretty useless or worse -the bad ones. Your Chemistry teacher is probably producing Meth in your school lab. Or they are killing innocent puppies (which I hope is not true.) 

Or at the least, they are hiding a big fat secret from you. Like you are a vampire or a princess to some small country. Or that you were adopted. How.could.they?

Young Adult

1) Why are you the only one who has to break the rules?

Out of the entire population in your fictitious world, you are the only one who wants to question the authority. And / or open the damn door. And you do not listen to your friends who repeatedly beg you not to do that. 

It doesn’t matter what is lurking in the darkness, you want a part of it, don’t you? Is it because someone said you are the only one who is special? Why are you So.Damn.Nosey?

Young Adult

What are your peeves about the mainstream Young adult books? Do you agree that these problems are irritable or not? Do you have an answers for any of these questions? Leave a comment, let us talk.

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42 responses to “Things I scream when I read the Young Adult lit”

  1. YES yes yes!! These are such great points! I love YA fiction, but there are definitely some issues. My favorite one is your #1 point! There is no reason to go breaking the rules. Seriously, most people would walk away and let someone else handle it. Or maybe that’s just us? Haha

  2. I’ve been slowly getting into YA as well. I was just like you in regards to the genre. Sometimes there’s just too much hype in a book that is not good at all.

    Anyways, I totally agree with your points. Great post.

  3. Hahhaha this does read like a laundry list of the typical teenager tropes! Rebellious, hate the adults in their life, want the hot guy or girl (not reality) and the special nerd who is already an adult even though they’re still a child. It can get rather bad… I actually am not asked to read and review for authors often hahahha so I don’t get inundated but I do LOVE the indie authors I find typically so I can see why you read so many. ❤️ Great list Gayathri! I can see why you are annoyed!

  4. Ah man, I’m always asking “where are their parents?” because when I was a teen, my parents were always around so I do often ask why there aren’t ever parents in YA books. But this is such a good list of things I ask when I’m reading YA.

  5. Seriously, teens in YA books always give this lengthy, eloquent speeches and professions of love and whatnot lol. Honestly, I have rarely in my life ever even witnessed an adult do that, yet every character in every book is such an amazing monologuer, haha.

    You know what I wonder? Not why the MC falls for the guy, but why the love interest guy is always dating the mean girl who’s a complete jerk. Like, if he’s so great, why would he be with her???

    • Right? I just hate that love triangle with a popular girl, next door boy and his girl best friend. Or the other way round. Ugh how many more do we need?

  6. What amazing points. I love a lot of genres but find myself reading a lot of YA and find that instalove annoying as hell. That is my pet peeve in YA books. I also hate the bad boy and super popular girl thing too. Great post!


    • Argh.. the typical mean popular girl trope annoys me to no end too. Why do we have to have one in all books?

  7. THIS. POST. YOU WIN THE INTERNET TODAY! I have no idea why having a romantic interest suddenly makes someone realize who they are. They probably had friends and family who helped them discover that beforehand!? And the lowkey John Green shade at teens writing loooong-ass monologues. I AM LIVING FOR IT. XD This is why I don’t enjoy purple prose in YA–it’s just SO unrealistic.

    • Your comment made my day. I have strong feelings towards Green’s protagonists and they totally weird me out.

  8. 1) I loved the GIFs you used!
    2) This post is on point in so many ways. I agree with most of them.
    3) I’m glad you’re reading more YA. I feel like it gets a bad rep and people judge it without really giving it a chance.

    Loved the post <3

    • Though I have had bad experiences with YA lit, I am glad I have found so many good ones that have kept me going.

    • I used to stay away from them as well, until I read few really good ones. And then I couldn’t stop at all.

  9. Haha loves this post 😀 I am reading more YA these days and though I do enjoy them, I can’t un-notice the things that you have pointed out.
    I hate insta-loves, not just in YA but in all genres (however, I did enjoy a few books). Also, that unpopular-boy-with-popular-girl trope is so boring now 😀

    Great post!

  10. This post was great! I have to admit I do not read a lot of YA novels, but from the few I did read I was really annoyed by the lack of adults (am I missing anything?) and one of my biggest pet peeve is the manic pixie dream girl – if done well, then I do not have any issues, but if it’s there just for the sake of the male lead, then it’s definitely not my kind of manic pixie.

    • You said it right. I had completely completely forgotten about them. It certainly annoys me, like male leads who are for the sole purpose of proving that the girl is pretty.

  11. THIS POST IS EVERYTHING. I read almost exclusively YA books because that’s what I like most, but sometimes, I just….I just am reminded that they are books that are written for teenagers. I am also so glad you mentioned the parents thing. I never really noticed this as a kid, but now as a young mother myself, I find myself asking this question constantly as I read. Thanks for a great article 😀

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