Book Review: The Fourth Monkey Killer

It is no secret that I love a serial killer and of course a good cop chase. specially when I receive a book from an author I already have read and loved who now promises an ‘impossible to catch’ psychopath. Well I had to grab the chance to read The Fourth Monkey Killer by J D Barker.

I know you all love my rant induced reviews and are dying to read more from me. Of course you do. (YOU DO, right???). But for once I thought I will let you guys read something from a friend who is not a book reviewer as he begged for a chance to write for my blog (one of these is a lie). So here we go.

Book Name: The Fourth Monkey Killer 
Author: J D Barker
Genre: Fiction – Thriller
Characters: Sam Porter
Setting: Chicago, The USA

Three years after the critically acclaimed and multiple award winning Forsaken, Barker comes up the first book of the series named after the central character of the plot; The Fourth Monkey Killer (4MK).

A major portion of the novel covers events across just a couple of days and the narration moves at a brisk pace. Even the flashback portion that runs parallel to the live narration pertains to a reasonably short period of time and keeps the plot on its toes.

Non-linear narration has been handled professionally and I wouldn’t be far from truth when I say that this does not come across as the work of an author penning just his second novel.

The setting up of the flashback narration, read as: diary entries, is a small dampener in what is a near-flawless price of work. There aren’t many places where unnecessary details or deliberate mis-directions drag the story which helps sustain one’s interest. The fact that Barker has been able to give us a fabulous view into the killer’s head despite the brevity deserves appreciation.


4MK would appeal to you if you are a fan of detective novels, if you are into stories involving serial killers and to those that like fast paced thrillers.

Hey, it is me again. Do you like the psychopath and troubled cop trope? Do you miss me already? Are you interested in posting on my blog? Talk to me in the comments. 

P.S Hint: I would be really glad if you did miss me!

30 responses to “Book Review: The Fourth Monkey Killer”

  1. I haven’t read this, but I am a huge fan of thrillers/detective novels and I definitely do not read enough books in this genre. Awesome review, I have added this one to my tbr. (also how have a never heard of this before? a lot of people in the comments have already read it and I didn’t even know it existed)

  2. I don’t think that I have read any serial-killer book but I am glad that you liked it. I don’t personally pick-up a mystery book in the first place but this book sounds nice.

  3. I don’t think I have read any serial killer books, just not my genre. But I can read them if they are not overly gore-y(is this a word?). I do love a good suspense thriller though!

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