Sunday Musings #18: One With A Question – To Rant Or Not To

Hello friends

Do you remember me being obsessed with organization videos? I am out of it. I feel like I have seen every organization video out there and I can tell you everything you need to know about it. Oh, do I follow any of them? Absolutely not. 

A friend from real life, you stumbled my blog (am lying I sent her the link WHEN SHE ASKED ME FOR IT) told me that I should be posting more posts with my personal thoughts and talk about them.

What do you guys say, is it alright to add in more thoughtful posts on relationships, adulthood, that may lean more than a bit on the rant side, in my book blog? Or should I have a different platform?

What I read this week:

The Kitchen  by Banana Yoshimoto

I am still reading this and I have not finished reading it. 

What I watched this week: 

I finally saw the Nun in Cinemas and it was not too gory. I didn’t love it but it was kinda okay-ish. Sorry am definitely not a good movie reviewer. I also saw two other regional movies on the cinemas (yes all this week) and there were pretty decent too.

On Netflix I watched

  • Chesapeake Shores – S1 & 2
  • Brooklyn 99 – re-runs S1


And I kinda guessed that Chesapeake shores would be an adaptation and you know what? I was proved right. 

On the blog

I made a repeat on last week success on my blog. Yes I posted 4 articles this week and I am feeling good about myself. If you have not checked it out yet, please do right away.

Around the blogosphere

I may or not have visited everyone’s blog but hey I tried my best to do it. I think I covered pretty much most of them. And here are picks for the week from the bookish blogger world. 

  • If there is one anticipated October releases post you have to read, then read Karla’s post here. I promise you it covers everything you and I need to know. 
  • I know we all love our bookish community, but let us hear it from Clo, a not so new blogger, on her view on the book blogging community.
  • Looking for new bookish apps for you book clubs? This list from Bookriot will keep you updated.

That is all for this week, people.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us chat

Do you want me to rant right here? What has been happening at your end? I would love to hear. Leave a link so that I can do more blog hops.

34 responses to “Sunday Musings #18: One With A Question – To Rant Or Not To”

  1. Yes yous should definitely add your thoughts to tour blog if you feels like so 😊 It’s your blog afterall.
    Ahh I miss those days when I uses ro do 4 posts a week. But glad you are pulling this off 😊
    I am also watching B99 but it’s my first time 😜 I am taking its slowly though. I have only watched 9 episodes I think but the show is so good.
    Have a lovelh week ahead ❤️

    • I hope I can keep up the streak but I also don’ t want to over work myself. Have you a good week yourself too!

  2. Absolutely !! I’m all yes for ramblings and rants – on all our platforms. This is what makes your blog yours, I like to feel I get to know my fellow bloggers on a personnal level you know ? More like, real friends !

    We saw the nun too ! I liked it. Way better than hereditary anyway xD I couldn’t even tell you what in hell happened in that one, I was kind of in “eeeeeeh. wth?” state all throughout the movie. it finished and I was like ? okay ? atleast the nun was following somewhat of a story. we know what was happening. I however haven’t quite understood the ending ..

  3. Ooh I had to go read your review of One Of Us Is Lying. 🙂 I liked it maybe a smidgen more but I pretty much agree with your points. And I liked Addy’s growth too! And I think non- bookish stuff, including rants, are fine on a book blog! I know a lot of people like to see a little variety, t keep things fresh.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • I am glad that you liked my review of One of us is lying. And I will definitely think about adding personal posts!

  4. I would definitely want to read your rants! Please do it!!! I have been thinking about doing the same thing for my own blog, just to spice things up and bring a bit of diversity in topics.

  5. I think you should rant if you want. I do most of my personal thoughts / feelings, etc in the Sunday post. During the week it is all books, all the time. Really, it is all books ALL the time. lol Anne – Books of My Heart

  6. Yes for ramblings and ranting! Personal posts allow us to get to know YOU. Everyone has an unique POV and is just as valid as another. Keep up the good work, 4 posts. All we can do is try our best. I’ve been struggling too, let’s hang in there together! ❤️❤️

  7. Thank you so much for the shout in this post, Gayathri! I appreciate you 😀
    And I definitely think you should write what you like! Maybe that is poetry or reviews or rants or thoughts about relationships or whatever! It is your space and I think readers like some variety as well. Best of luck!

  8. Information overload…Hahaha. I use to watch the organizing videos especially the ones for kids toy/bedroom but yep nothing came of these videos except my time.

  9. I think you should always blog about what you feel like to blog. 🙂 It is indeed nice to get to know you and your opinions more but only if you are comfortable with it “)

  10. Sometimes we become obsessed with something and then do it so much we know it inside out. But I hope you enjoyed the organisation videos when you loved them. Would love to have some posts with thoughts or rants on this blog if you were up for making them 🙂

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