Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies

Hello new week!

Last week turned out super fun. My cousin had to my city on official grounds and we got to hang out a bit in the evenings and on Friday (being a weekly holiday).

On Friday, we went to the Museum of Illusions. It had lots of puzzles to be solved and its main attraction was the optical illusion tricks. We ended up clicking many pictures. 

She is cooking my head!
No clue what we are doing!
And we are upside down. 

On the other news, I finally got back to running, thanks to the pleasant climates that gets me going. But I am not going to talk more about it, lest I will jinx myself. Right?

What I read this week:

I didn’t read at all this week. I am surprised, shocked and guilty about it. Until now I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t picked up a book. 


I will rectify the situation this week.

What I watched this week: 

In the spirit of Halloween, I watched (or re-watched) three horror movies and ended up freaking myself. 

  • Annabelle Creation
  • Annabelle and
  • Lights out


Out of the three I think Annabelle Creations has lots of jump scares and they definitely spooked me out. 
What are your favorite horror movies?

On the blog

I didn’t do bad this week, though I wrote only three posts instead of the target four. But I am cutting myself some slack.

Around the blogosphere

While I have not caught up with everyone’s blog, I promise I will definitely do that soon. Here are my picks from the bookish world.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Horror movies

Let us chat

How was your week? What are your Halloween nights like? Horror movies – yours picks? Let us chat.

Horror Movies

49 responses to “Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies”

  1. Those illusions are super cool!
    I’ve been searching for some horror movies to watch. Almost watched the Annabelle one, but i don’t actually like outright scary ones that make me fall out of my chair. Prefer some more subtle creepiness 😀

  2. Oh wow that museum looks super cool, looks like you had a great time!
    Don’t worry too much, I am with you on the no-reading train. Womp womp.

    • Yes the Museum trip was great. And I hope rectify the non reading situation this next week, before it turns into slump.

  3. The museum looks awesome! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’ve been sick this past week and my awesome motivation is running low. But I’m pushing through. Hopefully this week will be better. Have a lovely week! 🙂

  4. This museum looks like so much fun 😀 It is always great to hang out with friends and cousins. Though anon-reading week, I am glad that you were able to enjoy some movies.
    I have only watched the first Annabelle. I would try to watch the second part as well.
    One of my favourite horror movies is Drag Me too Hell. I remember enjoying it so much.

  5. HOLD UP. You have a Museum of Illusions?!?!?! This will be on my bucket list of things to explore and see one day in my lifetime. Also that picture of you being cooked is hilarious and I hope you don’t actually get cooked.

    I hope you get the chance to pick up a book this week and get out of your reading slump – they’re no fun to get into (and easy as well), but VERY hard to get out of.

    • Yes, the whole place is filled with optical illusions and puzzles. If you were come down to Dubai, you should visit it.

  6. Those photos are evidence that you had a great time! 😊 don’t worry about the reading tho, you will be back at it in no time!

    Have a lovely week ❤️

    • The museum was definitely something and I think it had to do something that it was not a regular museum. 😛

  7. It looks like you had great fun at the museum. I don’t watch many horror movies. Does Final Destination count. (I liked the first two of those) and I have watched a few seasons of American Horror Story but this is not my go to genre.

    • Yes Final destination definitely counts and I promised myself I wouldn’t watch any of them again. Too scary and gory for my taste.

  8. the Museum of Illusions looks so much fun!

    I loved all the Annabelle movies! Horror movies are the best! I think the last one I remember loving was Mamma by Guillermo del Toro. I love pretty much all his movies!

  9. One more Sunday post from you and I am still working on joining in 🙂
    love those pics. And scary movies – I have watched Lights Out but not the Annabelle ones 🙂 my brother got the kids hooked on to scary movies and they want to watch some of them (but they need me with them:))

  10. Great post that museum looks like a really fun place to visit I haven’t pick up a book this week either because of my health issues but I am so going to try to read today. I watch horror movies every year on the AMC channel they always give Fear Fest showing different horror movies from the 14th to 31st of October every year in the month of October and I can’t wait to start watching Fear Feast this Sunday. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  11. No reading weeks happen occasionally but they usually mean lots of other stuff has been done so don’t feel bad. 😉
    The Museum of Illusions looks to be so much fun!

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