Let Us Discuss Weird Bookish Habits

No two bookworms can be same, right? Even if we read similar books and have similar tastes in bookish things, we can’t all be the same, can we? And that is true especially in my case because most of my bookish habits are weird and eccentric. 

Tell me how different am I in my bookish habits than you in the comment section below, won’t you?

10. I do not care for the book covers

Of course, I love a beautiful art work on the book as much as any one else.


But I do not buy or judge books based on their covers. And in case of e-books I rarely even glance or remember them. I know many of my fellow book bloggers who do wonderful displays with those book covers on #bookstagrams, but sigh I can not be one of them. 

9. You can’t spoil it for me

I don’t care for spoilers as such but I don’t mind if I stumble upon a few by mistake.


I know it might spoil the suspense or even the ending of the story for some, not for me. While I am not one to jump to the last age to know the ending, I am okay with a few small details or a major twist that I hear anyway. You will never find asking me to spare the spoilers

8. People before books, I guess

I am the crazy bag lady (mostly) who always carries a book or five with me everywhere I go. Yet if I were reading a book and someone talks to me, I close the book and talk to them.

It is just out of respect and courtesy, I really want to be around people, not always but most of the time. Book worms can be extroverts too, you know?

7. I rarely use bookmarks.

When I am reading a physical copy I always try and remember the page I stop at. In fact I don’t even own bookmarks except for the free ones that come with the books. What is the point of owning those fabulous. beautiful bookmarks when I seldom use them right?


I can only see those awesome people who use those bookmarks or anything that resembles it so cleverly. Sigh.

6. I try to pause my reading at page that ends with 5 or 0.

This is one of the habits that I formed right from my childhood and I can’t seem to break it. Remember I told I don’t use bookmarks and I try to remember where I stopped at. So to make matters easier, I used to stop only at pages that ended in fives or tens.


Well, you can consider this as my kinda ‘five more minutes’ before bed time. 

5. Read the book before I watch the screen adaptations

I am not sure when this habit started but I always make sure I read the book before I can get myself to watch its series or movies adaptation. I know I have broken this rule once or twice, owing to ignorance about the book at all or just the sheer volume of the book. I have found some great books and classics at that.


I am definitely gonna keep up with this one, so that I can see my own imaginations.

4. I have poor memory for character names and settings

I remember the names of most of the people I have met in real life, but I forget the settings / locations and the names of the characters I read in the books. Okay not immediately but in a while and this makes me the worst candidate for reading books in series.


Oh, to overcome this disadvantage, I can say, I have even started noting the character names and locations in my reviews. 

3. It takes me a while decide on the books

Though this is not a steadfast habit and there have been lots of books that I have loved right from the first chapter, I usually take a few minutes or hours off from the book to decide how I felt about it.

After the break I start recollecting what I liked and didn’t like about the book, since I don’t usually take notes for books I read for reviewing. This works for now I guess.

2. Audio books are a huge no-no for me

I have enjoyed a few audio books in the past but I feel they require to much effort from me. I have to try much harder to focus on the narrator’s voice than the writing or the story itself.


It is so draining and as you all know, the time taken usually is a lot more. For me reading comes naturally, listening not so much.

1. I jump into a book blindly

Like most of us, I add a lot of books to my to-be-read shelf from others recommendations and blogs. But I like reading a book with zero knowledge about it.I like to be surprised by how good the book turns out to be, or bad in some cases.


I don’t even read the blurb usually and it is a blessing, sometimes, that I  have such a poor memory that I even forget the reviews I read when I added the book to my list.

It seems to me that I am the only one that have these habits. Let me know if you have or do any of these things and make me feel better, please.



39 responses to “Let Us Discuss Weird Bookish Habits”

  1. Audiobooks used to not really work for me, but I am listening to this one classic and it is kind of working? If I make an effort to pay attention. I don’t think it will be a constant thing and I did read half the book before I started listening to the audiobook but this is ground breaking for me πŸ˜›

    I am also someone who attempts to read the book before seeing the movie or adaption unless I didn’t even know there was one before it to begin with! Which is what happened with me and The Help.

    I think it’s cool that you rarely use bookmarks! It makes sense that you want to end on a 0 or 5 page in that case.

    My recent post: https://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/10/halloween-creatures-2-0-book-tag/

  2. I can’t leave a chapter mid-way. I make sure I complete the chapter I am reading before I move away. Also, if I see a conversation in a page I tend to read it first before reading the setting of the scene. Once I am done with the dialogue I return to the paragraphs leading to the conversation and re read it. I know this is weird but I could never overcome this habit.

  3. Obviously, my audiobook habit is the polar opposite from yours πŸ˜€ But it’s the same for me with covers, spoilers, people and jumping into a book blindly.

  4. I try to always pause a book at the end of the chapter. It’s just easier on me, lol. Audiobooks don’t work for me either! I find myself getting super distracted much faster and then I’ve missed so much of the story and then I have to rewind.

  5. Great post! I rarely read the blurb for the book before reading it. I figure if I added it to my TBR list long ago, I liked it then so I should like it now. Right? Haha. I’ve only been disappointed with that logic a few times so it’s a good system.

  6. Any weird bookish habit is ok with me, except folding down the corner of the page instead of using a bookmark! SACRILEGE.

    Side note: I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it, it’s packed full of interesting articles and so well designed – it’s really inspiring as a newer book blogger to see where to go πŸ™‚

  7. I will admit to many of the same issues – I have never been successful with audiobooks – they annoy and exhaust me

  8. I agree with so many of these. I can do nonfiction audiobooks but otherwise I just cannot abide by them! Booooring. And I’m more of an extrovert, too. (I actually call myself an ambivert. It kind of depends on the day whether I’m outgoing or like to keep to myself.)

  9. i have some of these as well – no audiobooks yet (just can’t pay them the attention needed for listening), no bookmarks, and yes people before books for me too (i used to take the train for years to work and always had a book with me, but if someone sat down next to me and they were ready for a conversation, the book would go into my bag!), and try to read before watching!

  10. Funny read! I have to say I use the books to avoid people haha! Same with headphones, and if I have both it means nope, not available! I also don’t care for spoilers, it doesn’t ruin it for me to know what is going to happen.

  11. 3-7 for me. But my memory sucks so I have to use something for a bookmark. The joys of growing old. lol Stupid question time, where’s your follow button? Thanks.

  12. Great post I also forget character names but always remember the setting I guess is that I read so many books at the same time I get confused but now I am getting used to it. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  13. im also v terrible w character names too! i always have to look at synopsis’ for reviews and if they dont include them i have to go skimming other reviews for names lmao.

    but i disagree w covers. im such a cover lover ooops

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