Eight book covers that made me go – WTF!

Of course we are going to judge a book by its covers. Let us be honest, does any one follow that proverb in its literal sense. More often than not, it works so well. So well that they tell us off some books.

I am sure you have seen some interesting covers on books. Who has not?

Here I am presenting some covers that have freaked me out and go WTF, recently.

Let us get on with it, shall we?

Disclaimer: This post is intended for fun and not intended to hurt anyone. If it did, I am sorry and it was purely unintentional.


Did he cut her head with the axe? If so, shouldn’t the blood mark be on the sharper side? Where are her eye balls?

So many questions!


Where did they find these weird looking kids? And if this is what feelings make us look like, please let us destroy them!


What animal is that? And why is it an Australian art? 


Why is she having a crocodile head and why is it titled ‘carnivore romance’? Is it a romance between the crocodile and the red dress wearing, poker playing lady? And what kinda romance ends up with their bodies morphing into one?

Curiosity got ahead of me and I checked the author on Amazon and guess what? All her covers have an animal head human body combo!! Wut?


I get this one. Almost.

Thelma and her fiance are in love. Hint: Silhouette image
And he has a pet snake, also pictured. 

But what is that weird white thing with syringe or pen or dagger thing in its hands? 


What is in that cupcake? Why are they both scared of it? And does she have an Adam’s apple or is it just me?


Did they just show us a literal balance to indicate the pH balance? And it sure makes me think it is a spiritual thing, rather than science-y. 


I. am. not. even. gonna. attempt. 

Did you like these covers? Which is your favorite? Should I make another list with such covers? Do you have a cover that weirded you out? Let us chat.


56 responses to “Eight book covers that made me go – WTF!”

  1. I really don’t know what to say. These are really strange. Where you found them I have no idea. But truly, I wouldn’t be interested in reading them.

  2. The first cover I had to look up because it looked super familiar. I was right. It was from an old EC comic book. These were the publishers of comic books like “Tales from the Crypt.” They tended to just go for gore and less for realism. Though she does have eyeballs. They are in weird places if you look up the comic book cover. For some reason they acted like eyes go all over the place if cut off. Who knows why? These covers though had me laughing. They are so bad! Thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG how did you find these xD it’s hilarious xD and also, I think it’s her collarbones, not Adam’s apple – in the cupcake one. These are hilarious xD

  4. Wow… I….. wow. I’m speechless. I absolutely admire everyone who manages to finish writing a book and putting it out there into the world for others to see. But I wish everyone could simply resist the temptation of saving a bit of money by photoshopping the covers themselves.

  5. Omg such a fun post xD

    Why is it BLACK on the axe and her head ???
    mh. “how to destroy them”. send this my way xD I might need that. also .. why do some have arms and others not, what was the “concept”
    … I won’t tell you what it looks like to me ..
    breasts. wow.
    omg… looks like someone had fun on MS paint xDD hahaha or didn’t properly know photoshop
    ahahahah ohhh my

    I’d gladly take more of thoses posts !!

  6. OMG ๐Ÿ˜€ These are seriously so weird. How did you even collect them ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t know why publishers do this with their books and how do even writers allow such covers? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. This was HILARIOUS! I had made a list like this once, but never published it. It’s possibly still lying in my drafts somewhere, but let me tell you, I hadn’t come across any of these books. Which goes to say, no dearth of ridiculous covers, LOL.

    If I ever publish that post, I’ll link to this one on your blog too.

  8. Oh my god how and where did you find these haha they’re both terrible and hilarious. That first one kind of freaks me out, with the woman without her eyes…. and the woman with the crocodile head, ugh no thank you hahaha not for me. Thank you for the laugh hahaha!

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