Sunday Musings #23: One About The Fa.. (Sorry) The Winter Is Here

Hey people

I know the fall just started, but now it is already winter. I mean as much a winter as this desert Dubai would get to. Of course it is gonna get colder as it goes, and I can’t say enough how much I love this pleasant winter, instead of the harsh summer that is usual around here. 

What I read this week:

This week was a slow in terms of reading for me. I have not even finished Young Jane Young, which I started last Sunday. Well, life happened.

What I watched this week:

And I watched the Handmaid’s tale season 2. The series goes beyond the book and continues the story of Offred and Gilead. While I liked it, I am not sure it is for the faint hearted. It was depressing as much as it kept me intrigued. 

I finally finished watching the Heist season 2, the Spanish and the ending was so satisfactory. How many times do we see a perfect heist? Sigh. 

On the blog

Here is a quick recap of the week’s posts, in case you missed them. 

The week started with Sunday Musings #22: One about the world’s largest book sale.


I posted mini review shots It is all about family and friendships on Monday.


The Wednesday came with a discussion post on my weird bookish reading habits.


I shared the book covers that weirded me out, on Friday.


On other news, I wrote a guest post on Clo’s Book Dragons 247 on things about blogging I wish I had known little earlier.

Around the blogosphere

I didn’t do much of blog hopping this week, but here are some of the best ones I came across this week. 

  • I love this book personality tag post from Simant at Flipping Thru The Pages. I was an ESTP the last time I checked, but you will have to wait for my answers. 
  • Are you struggling to juggle between life and blogging? Check out Clo and Merv’s post @ Book Dragons 247 this week.
  • I love Margaret Atwood and I recently found she is celebrating her birthday this month from Consumed by Ink, as they host the Atwood reading month.
  • Check out Shanatala’s post on her blog Shanaya Tales about accepting paid book reviews which totally resonated to me. 
  • You all know, I love morally gray characters. And the Orangutan Librarian’s post on Why can’t characters just be evil was just perfect.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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44 responses to “Sunday Musings #23: One About The Fa.. (Sorry) The Winter Is Here”

  1. I also had a slow reading week, I did get in a couple audiobooks. I’ll be looking for your thoughts about Young Jane Young, I was tempted to pick it up. Enjoy your Winter weather and have a lovely week.

  2. Glad it’s cooling off for you! It’s definitely getting cooler here too! And I still need to catch up on Handmaid’s season 2. I started the first episode but I got sidetracked… now I have to start up again. 🙂

  3. I haven’t watched the Handmaids tale. It’s one of those that I want to watch to see what the fuss is about but it’s not on my netflix or prime so I’ll be waiting a while longer!

    I didn’t do much reading this week either. I spent most of it moving… Hopefully this week will be better!

  4. I haven’t yet watched The Handmaids Tale – nor read the book. But I hope to squeeze it in my schedule. It’s Winter already in Dubai? It’s still Autumn where in live (until December, at least), but I can already feel the winter cold.

    Happy readings! 😉

    • We don’t have much of a fall season here, but I love the intermittent season between the harsh summer and cooler winter.

  5. I fell behind in The Hand Maid’s show. Need to get back to that. We finally had a bit of fall weather here. The sun heats up fast but the nights are nice and cool. I enjoy no humidity too!

  6. Excellent posts you have got there! I read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ a year and a half back and quite enjoyed the story. I haven’t watched any episode of the series but am definitely interested in seeing the portrayal of Gilead! I would much rather have a book sequel first before watching the second season.

  7. I don’t think I could stomach Handmaid’s Tale, but I do get the gist of it by what people say about it.

  8. I want to get into The Handmaid’s Tale (I love the book) but I need to escape through TV. I watched some of the first season and liked it but was too depressed and overwhelmed my real life for more of the same. 🤣

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