Sunday Musings #24: One With Diwali and DIYs

Hello people

This week flew amidst festivities, lights and lots of cooking. We had a festival called Diwali or Deepavali which literally translates to festival of lights.

We Indians generally make a huge deal of it with loads of fireworks, lights, feasts and of course new clothes. 

And it is a little hard to be away from my family this time of the year but I tried to make the best of it. Look at those pretty lights that I snagged in my room for the occasion. 

 Diwali       Diwali       Diwali

I also kept myself pretty distracted with a bit of DIY projects during the week. I guess the productive bee struck me again. *knocks wood*

Diwali       Diwali       Diwali

What I read this week:

I didn’t read anything at all except for the books that I am beta reading. So technically I am reading, but they are not going on my count, right?

What I watched this week:

I watched not too much of TV this week and when I did watch I made sure I was doing something useful as well. So I guess I was good after all. 


How did I not know about the Disney movie Kuzco? And I am surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe the only thing I enjoyed on Netflix this week.

On the blog:

A quick recap of the past week for those who might have missed. 

On Sunday we gave up and accepted that fall is done already.


We brought back on Monday the review shots with three hyped books.


On Wednesday we discussed plot holes and inconsistencies.

Plot hole

Flyaway Friday is back and we are all pepped up to fly off to Italy!


Around the blogosphere

I possibly caught up with most of you all this week, thanks to last week’s fail. And here are my favorite posts from all around the blog world.

  • Here are a new set of comics about book lovers to obsess over from Buzzfeed.
  • Have you ever tried to remember that word and recall every word associated with it, except the one you need? I have and you should try Visuwords (visual words, you see!).
  • With the success of Blogoween Clo from Bookdragon and Sam are back with another event schedule. Catch up Bookend event post for more info.
  • Briana from Pages Unbound posted a thought provoking discussion on getting non bloggers to follow your book blog

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

Let us talk about your week. How productive or fun was it? Have you heard of Diwali earlier? Leave me a comment.


40 responses to “Sunday Musings #24: One With Diwali and DIYs”

  1. That festival of lights looks pretty amazing actually. And I think fall is done here too- we actually got a little bit of snow this week! I know, crazy…

  2. I love your projects and your decorations 🙂 I know almost nothing about Diwali, so it’s very interesting to be reading the blogs that talk about it. And also I am slightly jealous of the greenery outside 😀 we are already having pretty cold weather.

    • I should have made a bigger post about Diwali then. And it is always this green, I just wish there was a bit of snow though!

  3. My 7-year-old learned all about Diwali as his RE topic last term and LOVED it. Every time they had a lesson, he’d come home and tell us more about it and beg us to take him to Leicester as, apparently, it has the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India. Unfortunately, Leicester is over 4hrs away from us so we couldn’t but it didn’t diminish his enthusiasm and he wants us to plan a trip for next year!

    It sucks when you have a big event and you are nowhere near your family to enjoy the festivities but I’m glad you had your own mini celebration.

    Have a good week!

    • I am psyched that your son read about our festival and I had no clue about Leicester actually. Have you a good week you too!

  4. You’ve been busy! I love your DIY projects and I hadn’t heard of that festival before, it looks so pretty with all the lights. I can totally understand you’re missing your family with things like this happening and being away from home. Liked reading your article, thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved the lights. It must be hard to be away from family during the holidays. But how great there is somwhere close to go particpate in the festival! ❤️❤️

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