Sunday Musings #25: One About ‘Why Is It Christmas Already?’

First, the supermarket and now Netflix. What is with Christmas being up all around already? I am not complaining though. Netflix is already flooded with all its Hallmark-ey Christmas movies and I cannot stop myself from watching them already. 

I watched one or two Christmas movies already.

And unsurprisingly I am not feeling it. Why are these movies so badly made and have the worst actors in them? Is it just me or is everyone think about this and chastise themselves? 

Anyway, the week has been super slow for me in terms of reading or getting things done around the house. But at least my blogging quota is going on well. And I don’t think this week is going to be any better as there are some guests coming around here and it might turn hectic in a bit. 

What I read this week:

I have not read anything this week and I might be falling behind on my yearly challenge. Sigh. I hope I will catch up soon.

What I watched this week:

As I already said I have been watching those Christmas movies and I didn’t love them. If you still wanna know them, so that you can avoid them here you go.

  • 48 Christmas wishes
  • A Christmas Prince

Oh I at least enjoyed watching Princess Diaries on Netflix, maybe that counts for something, right?

On the blog:

Just a quick recap on the week in my blog

On Sunday I post Sunday Musings #24: One With Diwali and DIYs and shared loads of pictures with  you.


I reviewed the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Monday.

Don’t we hate the blogging slump? On Wednesday we discussed how to manage your writing slump and some tips to survive them.

writing slump

On the Flyaway Friday edition I recommended some books that will take you to Italy

Books in Italy

Around the blogosphere

I just want to give a shout out to all these awesome bloggers and here are some of them I loved this week.

  • Remember we were talking about plot holes? On the same lines, you need to check out this hilarious post about real life plot holes. 
  • Do you love to own bookish stuff? Jen’s discussion post talks the reasons behind this obsession on her blog Jenchaos reviews.
  • Sophia from Bookwyrming Thoughts asked us about deleting old posts from our blogs. What is your say?
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  • I loved the post on 5 must have graphics on your blog on the Flipping Thru the Pages by Simant, in her #blogging101 series.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.


How did your week go? What were your favorite reads this week? Let us talk about it!

34 responses to “Sunday Musings #25: One About ‘Why Is It Christmas Already?’”

  1. I’ll tell you why those movies are badly made 😀 because you’re supposed to be watching them while baking Christmas cakes and other foods, so you’re so busy you won’t notice how crap they are xD that’s the only time I’ll watch and enjoy them – when I’m busily preparing the Christmas meals! XD and you’re sharing some great posts, thanks!

  2. As a kid I liked the terrible movies. Then I saw they were just that. Terrible. I like the Christmas movies from the 30’s-50s Because acting was a tad better. I have to say, these other new ones are just so awful that you are reminded that your life isn’t so bad after all

  3. Every year, Christmas seems to”begin” earlier. I can’t believe my eyes when I see stores already selling Christmas stuff on October! =O Because of the bad acting, I always try to stay away from those Hallmark films. I always feel like smacking the actors.

    Happy readings! 😉

  4. I am so not into the Christmas movies…maybe because Hallmark has been showing them since July? LOL

    Plus, the same group of actors seem to show up in all their movies, and it’s hard to appreciate them when you remember them in so many shows!

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your week.

  5. Ow I love Christmas movies! And I especially loved Christmas Prince. The second movie is coming on November 30th and I can’t wait. I agree the actor’s aren’t the best.. but there is just something about them that I love. LOL!
    Have a great week and happy reading!

  6. I’m not watching many Christmas movies, yet. But I do have a bunch on my list. Right now I’m doing heavy cleaning and polishing the tile floors so when I put up the tree the lights will shine off everything. I put it up by November 20th as that is my son’s birthday. The rest of decorating will be done after Thanksgiving. And that’s when I’ll start watching more holiday films. What I really like is the Christmas episodes on my favorite shows. Those are always fun!

    • Wow that is pretty neat thing to do. I don’t think I would have thought scrubbing the floors for Christmas, even if I celebrated it.

  7. I don’t… I don’t bother with Christmas movies. I don’t know what that says about me to some people, but I’m not as obsessed with the holiday (but I like gifts, those are nice).

    I hope you’ll catch up with your reading challenge soon! There’s a month and then some left, so no worries yet! 😉

    Thanks so much for featuring my post! <3

  8. I am too far behind in reading to watch TV, but I ALWAYS have to stop and watch Ralphie on Christmas day just to make sure he followed the double dog dare!

  9. Christmas is everywhere. One of my neighbours has got all her decorations and lights up already. Not for me – I turn more and more in to the Grinch every year. I just can’t wait for it to be done with.

  10. I love the cheesy Christmas movies and that it seems to be everywhere now. The shops have early sales on now and it is a great time to get gifts. For many years I was a single parent and started shopping once I had paid for their school uniforms because it was the best way to cope financially. These early sales are a wonderful thing for everyone but especially those that are on a very tight budget. You can get people thoughtful gifts and not go over budget. Christmas is a special time of year for me. It is a time to spend quality time with those I love and being able to give them attention, love, good food and gifts. It is my favourite time of year and I am known among friends and family for it lol. I don’t have my decorations up yet but that is Hubby’s restriction, or my house would look like a grotto by now. 😀

  11. We had the first snow today. Autumn kind of feels over already. Guess it’s winter-christmas-time now!
    I’m feeling pretty meh about my books this week. But the one I just reviewed (linked below) is a huge recommendation!!

  12. hahaha “mary hasn’t told Joseph she was pregnant yet” this made me giggle xD as a christmas time baby i’m not much into it, but alas I had the urge to do the christmas tree – and so yep. we have it up since what.. last sunday I think?

    I usually love cheesy christmas movies, however I cannot even stand christmas music xD eeerh ..

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