One about the New year’s eve and an exciting news: Sunday Musings #32

The very first Sunday Musings post of the year 2019 and I come bearing updates from Dubai’s New Year Eve extravaganza. 

You might have guessed it involved too many fireworks at different places and obviously the one at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, was one of the bests in the world.

This NYE show is going to be run for a few more weeks. Yes, every night for the next few weeks, sans the fireworks. Here is a video of that so that you can understand how over the top we are, as usual, which I love!

We could not go to watch that in person but went to the nearby beach, that I talked about in an earlier post, to catch up on the other fireworks. And here are a few pictures I clicked.

New Year eve 2019
New Year eve 2019

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On my blog

On other news, my blog had a fabulous start and posted thrice already in the new year.

Sunday Musings #31: An Update On My 2018 Challenges!

Update on challenges

2019: What To Expect Of Me? 

2019 plans

Does your blog have these? A checklist for new bloggers 

New blogger checklist

Tag: Book Blogger’s Two Truths And A Lie – Can You Spot Them?

Two truths and a lie tag

Also we will be premiering our guest post series from Indie authors! I can’t wait for it go online. I am so excited!

Around the blogosphere

I had a fairly good year when it came to blog hopping and I am planning to continue it. Here are some of my favorite finds during the week.

  • Claire’s list of 50 books of 2018 that she considers the best is an inspiration. 
  • I am a new follower on Lili’s blog and I loved her post on how books save the introverts.
  • Laura discussed on the future of reading. Digital or physical books? What is your vote?

I am playing catch up with the comments on my blog and I will finish it off in two days. I will be returning every comment by visiting yours as I take part in the Comment 4 Comment challenge #C4CC2019

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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New Year eve 2019

Let us talk

How did you spend the New Year’s eve? What are your favorite posts of the week? Let us chat!

50 responses to “One about the New year’s eve and an exciting news: Sunday Musings #32”

  1. Wow looks like an awesome celebration! I love seeign fireworks and New Years stuff from around the world, seeing how people ring in the new year! And I love seeing fireworks from the beach- something about the lights over the water. 🙂

  2. Great post. I perused your other blog posts since I found this one and loved your checklist for new bloggers and what their blog could have to help with engaging readers. #Sundaypost

  3. Happy New Year! Ahhh, your indie author guest series sounds like it will be amazing! Can’t wait to check it out once it gets started!

  4. You indie author guest post series sounds exciting. I love to support them any way I can. And the fireworks are splendid. I love viewing them over the water. You get twice the show:) I watched them from my front porch this year. We live in a rural area and the neighbors put on quite the display.

  5. My New year eve was spent with a good book and reading buddies-chatting.. And I am very much looking forward to your planned guest series.. I love reading your blog..

  6. great article! That fireworks is amazing! Over here in the Netherlands people set off their own fireworks. There are some places where they organize bigger firework shows but nothing like what they do in those large cities around the world. Here, we see the fireworks everywhere when we step outside at 00.00 haha. I’d love to see more organized firework shows though and for people to stop firing their own since it can be quite dangerous – so many accidents happen each year, it’s so sad.

  7. The pictures are fantastic! I can tell you had a great time! Looking forward to all the indie author guest posts!

  8. Oh my gosh, that show looks amazing! We had so many fireworks in our neighborhood that between those and the fog that rolled in, I couldn’t see the house across the street from us at midnight!

  9. Happy New Year! The firework show looks amazing! We don’t have firework shows around here because they are currently banned since we’ve been in a drought for some time. I’m really excited for your indie series.

  10. Happy New Year, Gayathri. The fireworks at Burj Khalifa looks amazing. And good luck with your blogging goals for 2019. I am sure this year is gonna be great for you as well 🙂

  11. You have some great goals for 2019. And your posts shared here are interesting – I read a few of them. I get you about the commenting as I have been working to do it through the Sunday post as well as my subscription emails. It takes a daily effort.

    I hope you find some great reads and enjoy them! Anne – Books of My Heart

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