Sunday Musings #36: The One about my nightmares and sleepless nights

This week went by swiftly right? At least it did for me. And are you ready for some rant? Ready or not, it’s comin’.

Do anyone of you get nightmares? 

I love dreams, which are quite rare for me, as I sleep really sound and most nights I don’t stir until the morning. Then there are nights with these terrors. And you know what is the worst part? I wake up in between them, drink water, distract myself with my mobile phone or just taking a walk to the loo and then when I get back to sleep, those stupid nightmares continue – as if they have been on a pause. What is wrong with me, I say?

And to think that I bring these upon myself! Everything I dream of comes from a book or movie/series that I watch. I read a Stephen King, oh there will be at least two nights of terrors in a week or so. Oh I watched Sabrina this week and the nightmares followed. But would I give the horror shows or books up? Not doing it!

I watch a romantic movie or read a happily ever after book, do they ever turn up in my dream? No sir, they do not. I need to know why this difference. I might even consider accepting my fate if I was dealt with a fair set of cards and I had both nice and bad dreams. But no, I didn’t. So I am gonna stay grumpy about it.

And you guessed right, I didn’t sleep well last night and I am so tired!

What I watched:

So after a long and sad stretch of days without the TV and Netflix I am getting to it back with vengeance. And as you all know already, I watched The Chilling adventure of Sabrina and I loved it enough to give up a night’s sleep. 

I loved Kiernan Shipka in Mad Men. I think she is beautiful and has done a fabulous job as the Sabrina. Oh I can’t wait for April for the season two and bunch of other reasons, AKA my birthday.

What I read:

Remember those classic challenges I picked up earlier this year? I am doing so great about it. Scratch that. I am doing alright about it. And I read Lord Fauntleroy, something I have never read before, for the children’s classic challenge.

It was sweet and poignant and sunshine-y all at the same time, somehow. 

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How often do you get nightmares and are the books and shows causing you them? If not, how and save me! Also what are you currently reading. Let us talk.

37 responses to “Sunday Musings #36: The One about my nightmares and sleepless nights”

  1. Oh you poor thing! I can’t remember the last time I had a night terror… Or a dream actually. I tend to conk out so completely that nothing gets through.

    Sabrina is on my ‘want to watch’ list but I’m waiting until autumn I think it’ll be better to watch then. More atmospheric… But then again, I probably wont make it that long before I cave!

    Hope S2 comes quickly for you.

  2. Oh no, that’s too bad about the nightmares! I actually used to have tons and tons of nightmares. But the odd thing is that I didn’t regard them as nightmares – it’s only now that I look back (I used to write dreams down) that I realize how dark and disturbing they were (for example, in one I was trapped in a Gothic castle room, and my family had to tie me down to the bed because I was turning into some monster and would have eaten them. I was sad in that dream, but wasn’t scared. Odd, huh.)

    Anyway, you should look into lucid dreaming – that often helps people settle their nightmares because they can just wake themselves up then. I’ve done that myself.

    • I will definitely take a look into that. I can always expect a crazy turn of events with you right? How was that not scary???

      • I think it wasn’t scary because I was a disturbed teen? I was very, um, morbid xD I read a lot of Stephen King and my life kind of… emotionally sucked so much back then. I think I took nightmares to just be the norm? It’s odd now that I look back for sure. Although some of them were scary! Like there was one where a guy stalked me, and like I mean he threatened to kill me and all I did in that dream was trying to escape and protect my family. That one was scary xD

  3. I hate it when I wake from a nightmare, distract myself, go back to sleep and I’m right back in it. I don’t usually have nightmares about books or movies I’ve read or watched. I think mine are more stress related as they involve situations I can’t fix, like a day at work that doesn’t end. I love Sabrina and can’t wait for more episodes too!

  4. Oh, those nightmares are the worst! I have had them, but usually I have stressful dreams in which I am working cases from my social work days, before retirement. And I’m doing everything wrong! Now that is stress.

    I also have the kinds of dreams in which I get up, get water, go back to sleep…and the dream resumes! Like I paused the movie. Just like yours.

    Little Lord Fauntleroy takes me back!

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Another recurring dream I have is being late to school. And I have not been inside my school for more than 10 years now.

  5. Oh, no! I cannot believe how all the bad stuff is permeating your sleep. I don’t dream or have nightmares, but I also don’t sleep very much. So, there’s that. I hope your nightmares subside and your are able to get more rest. Little Lord Fauntleroy – that’s a throwback. I saw the film many moons ago, but never read the book.

  6. Ah, that’s bad! Maybe some meditation before sleep would help clear your mind of those thoughts. 🤗
    I rarely have nightmares but they are not related to stuff i watch or read, thankfully.

  7. I seem to have more nightmares than I remember having so maybe I’m being affected by all the stuff I watch now haha! Seriously though, I hear you on those, and I hope you have less nightmares going forward! It’s funny I was just thinking about this since I had a particularly vivid dream, enough that I wrote a post (going up tomorrow) where I recount being chased. lol it was pretty intense.

    Anagrams are fun too, I’ll have to check out that post.

    Have a great week!

  8. Oh no, that’s terrible! I love horror and I’d hate to have my sleep interrupted by nightmares. :/ Usually I’m just able to wake myself up and remind myself that it’s a dream. I hope next week is better for you!

  9. I have struggled with nightmares in the past, and I still have a bad one here and there, but not that often anymore.

    I had one in particular that I had a hard time getting rid of. I’d have it over and over every night and it was because it first happened during a real-life earthquake. The stress of the earthquake kind of stuck it in my mind. It was this: Demons are riding in a car chasing me as I ran down the street. It was terrifying and all I did was run and run as they kept chasing. I finally got advice from a friend who was a psychologist and he said before I go to sleep to let the nightmare play out in my mind and then make it end differently: instead of demons, I was to decide these are men wearing masks and at the end of the dream they take off their masks and laugh playing a harmless joke, and we all laugh together. I did that and I stopped having the nightmare! Can you believe it? I was so relieved!

    Change your nightmare in your mind to end in a harmless way. I’m not sure this will work for you, but I hope it does!

  10. I actually just had a nightmare last night, but it wasn’t based on a book I’d read. I DO have happy YA dreams, though, where I dream that I’m a teenager again and the plotline runs roughly like a YA contemporary romance. SO weird, right? (I’m 45, by the way. I should be way past that—I also occasionally still have those dreams where you’re in school and you have a test and realize you haven’t gone to any of your classes. I think I definitely should have outgrown them by now!)

  11. Nightmares are so stressful. They seem to stay with me throughout my day. My writing partner rewrites her dreams and nightmares, not something I’ve been able to do as yet. Hopefully the tips expressed above will help you get a restful sleep. Thanks for sharing Gayathri! 😴

  12. I remember learning in one of my neuropsych courses that we dream every 90 minutes, whether awake or asleep. If you read Stephen King – that is bound to bleed over!

  13. I feel for you. I have night terrors. They are not from books but from my past.
    I have watched all of the Sabrina episodes on Netflix, I impatiently await more episodes. I am currently working my way through Peaky Blinders. (currently on season 2.) I have not read Little Lord Faunteroy.

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