Sunday Musings #38: One About Meeting Authors And The #Dubailitfest

I am back with some exciting news from my week y’all. Are you ready for some February updates?

Remember me yapping about the Emirates Literature Festival for a while now? So it finally started this Friday! And I volunteered both on Friday and Saturday (the weekend here) and I may go again the next weekend as well.

I met Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, and they are definitely one of the nicest authors ever. 


And just seeing the younger readers piling onto the long queue to talk to her or get their book signed was a treat by itself. 


We also had Jeff Kinney, the author of The Diary of a wimpy kid series, making the little ones jump, and  scream during his session. He was an entertainer all round. 


I met some awesome bookish friends during the festival and we had some quirky breaks during the 12 hour shift. And I can’t wait to met them all next week again. 


Quick February updates

  • I read 4 books in the last month, And that is one less than last month but I am okay with this.
  • I got done with my TV and Netflix ban and I binged watched so many movies and series during the month. So many that I let that creep into my reading and blogging times even. Guys I am not proud of myself about that at all.
  • On the other hand I got back to running and I think I might start to enjoy it again.
  • I tried my hand at crochet and I should maybe accept my defeat. It takes so much time and patience, y’all!! BUT, I ended up with this not so perfect heart at the end of the day. So what do you think?

What I read this month:

Here are the books I read during February

  1. Picture of Dorian Gray, The by Oscar Wilde 
  2. Man in the Brown Suit, The by Agatha Christie 
  3. Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett 
  4. Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

I have been reading the 5th and 6th books for about 10 days now and I have not yet completed about 50 pages on them put together.

What I watched:

I watched the Unbreakable and Split again last week so that I will not miss anything for when I watch Mr Glass. But I guess it went futile. I liked the movie but I didn’t love it.

And I am so late to the Bohemian Rhapsody and I confess a sobbing mess during the end of the movie. Why I did that? We’ll never ask!

My monthly top picks

Now that I have spent a lot of time watching movies and series, why not put it to use for my blog? So here are my top five picks

  1. Ralph breaks the internet
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. The Chilling adventure of Sabrina
  4. Bodyguard
  5. Incredibles 2

On my blog 

Here is a quick recap of what happened on my blog last week:

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I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

Around the blogosphere

I have not been able to hit all the blogs this week, but I have a quick round up of the ones I loved here.

  1. I found myself agreeing with a lot of the points that Lena from Lena’s Notebook mentioned on her post on book snobbery. 
  2. Do you feel bad and ashamed for the things that you do or don’t as a blogger? I do, constantly. Sam fro WLBB wrote an entire post on blogger shame just to say that we aren’t alone on that.
  3. Speaking of guilt, why do more people not read romance? Vicky gives us five more reasons on why we should be reading more romance.
  4. Do you love audiobooks? Then you need to head on to Nicole’s post on why audiobooks are important and join the discussion on Feed your fiction addiction.
  5. I loved Dani’s post on how and why Urban Fantasy is her favorite subgenre on Perspective of  a writer.
  6. If you are a writer, you have to join the discussion with Clo on Bookwyrming Thoughts on writing realistic characters right away.
  7. I added a few books to my TBR from the post on list of books for Slytherins by Malanie from Malanie loves fiction.

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Let us chat

How was your February? Was it as fun as mine? Who are the authors that you want to meet some day? Let us talk.

26 responses to “Sunday Musings #38: One About Meeting Authors And The #Dubailitfest”

  1. Meeting Cassandra Clare would be good. I love her books.
    Looks like you had a good week/month.

  2. That book festival looks fantastic. Stop feeling bad over TV s. books both are valuable. Been really digging Umbrella Academy on Netflix myself 😉

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time at the book festival. I’ve read most of Agatha Christie’s books, but it’s been a while. I’m a huge fan.

    I loved Incredibles 2 as well. I want to get to Glass when it becomes available to rent/buy.

  4. That festival looks like it was awesome, and I totally agree, Clare and Black are super nice. Good for you running again. It’s such a good way to stay in shape. I love your heart! I miss crocheting so much, but the pain in my hands and wrists is even worse when I do needle crafts. Aww, and thanks for sharing my post. XOXO

  5. Awwww yay for bookish friends and meeting bookish authors! It sounds like you had a blast and I’d love to see more pics next week when you volunteer again at the festival. I think that’s a perfect heart and it’s adorable. If we want to be metaphorical, no one’s heart is perfect – we’re full of flaws and imperfections but we try to have a heart. 😀

  6. How exciting to meet the authors! No I do not think you should feel bad or ashamed. You have to live your life. You just need to set your own plan of what you want to do and do it. No one else should decide.

    You had some great links in around the blogsphere. Happy reading!

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