Quiz: Find The Book Title From Its Quotes

It has been a while since we did a quiz in here, right? So that is what we will do today. How many books can you name based on quotes from them?

How well do you know your bookish quotes? If you like this one you might take a look at the previous one here, as well.

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12 responses to “Quiz: Find The Book Title From Its Quotes”

  1. I did terribly. 3/8! I knew one of the quotes as it is one of my favourites but the rest were guesses.

  2. 7/8 … not too bad for having to guess most of the answers. AWESOME quiz Gayathri!!

  3. Totally failed! (Okay I got 2…) Maybe I am tired? I normally guess better hahaha ❤️ Have a good week Gayathri

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