Sunday Musings #44: A restful week with a lot of ME time

I kinda took a break, unplanned of course, last week as I didn’t feel inspired to blog. I know taking such an unplanned break is a strict no no for most of us bloggers, but I have made peace with it. I just couldn’t get myself to switch on my laptop at all.

But it is a good thing because I found the mojo back and I am talking to you only because I want to, not because my schedule says so. I used this week to laze around the house particularly doing nothing, not talking to friends or family and got some reading done. I can say it was quite the quality ME time I was craving for. 

What I read this week

And yes, but now I am back to be the chatter box that I usually am.
After not reading for about the first two weeks in April, I had a great reading week finally. I read three books in a week and I liked them all. Isn’t that great?

  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 
  • Truth or Beard by Penny Reid 
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

What I watched this week

  • Boys over Flowers!
  • Meteor Garden! 

Tell me all you Kdrama freaks how come none of you recommended me about this series. I am so completely obsessed that I can’t even talk about it. I LOVED THEM BOTH. I will speak about them more once I have calmed the heck down. 

unplanned break
unplanned break

I finally watched Shazam last week and I loved it. But again I can’t wait for the Avengers Endgame this week. 

Around the blogosphere

I know I have not visited many blogs recently but hey, I will make it up alright? I will be around dropping in with a comment very soon. But here are some of my picks from the last week for now.

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unplanned break

Let us chat

Do you take such unplanned breaks and then feel guilty about it? If you are good at planning holidays, oh please let us know how you do it. Let us talk. 

42 responses to “Sunday Musings #44: A restful week with a lot of ME time”

  1. I used to feel guilty when I took unplanned breaks but now I don’t anymore. If I need it I need it. I consider this as a better strategy to get back with drive again and still blog on the long term!

  2. I didn’t do hardly any commenting last week because life got in the way. I think it’s great you took a break and are enjoying your reading now. I love Penny Reid and Agatha Christie. I’ve read almost everything they’ve written. Very different genres but both great. Have a lovely week!

  3. Yeah for re-charging and me-time. It’s always good to take a time out. I have been working my way though the Winston Brothers book. I had book 1 ages ago, and then I saw books 2 – 4 on Hoopla in audio, so I listened to those. I love Reid. Her books are funny.

  4. Ahh, did not expect to see my post on your list omg. Thank you!

    I’m glad your unplanned break went well for you! I haven’t blogged in a few days, or done much of anything to do with reading (my daughter and I have been down with colds) but I have work to do, so here’s hoping my blogging mojo comes back soon!

  5. Meh, sometimes you just need a break! Everything will still be waiting for you when you return. 🙂 (As evidenced by people commenting now you’ve returned! lol)

  6. If you need a break and you need you time don’t feel like you have to tell us! I don’t think unplanned breaks are a no no if you are defending and caring for your mental health <3 I want to read The Bell Jar and also I love Agatha Christie so I hope you enjoyed the mystery.

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