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Let us be honest. Not all books are equal nor do they all make us weep or laugh with them. They all tell us a story but yet not all of them become our favorites. Have you given a thought about what are the things that make us like a book?

I found this #7ThingsILikeInABook tag on the bookstagram and I thought I will give it a try in here. So let us do this and try to name seven things I like in a book.

7) Unexpected plot twists

I mean do I even talk about this? Give me a strong plot with enough twists that would keep me hooked for hours together. Sadly for me I can usually I smell the twists from miles away and it is becoming more and more difficult to be surprised.

If you know any books with unexpected twists, let me know in the comments section.

6) Witty banter and some humor

I am a snarky person myself and while I love that lengthy philosophical monologue, I can’t get enough of books that make me laugh out loudly. And some humorous banter among the character makes it all the more realistic and appealing right? 

5) Sassy females

Anyone else like badass heroines? I recently read Truth or beard by Penny Reid and I realized what I have been missing for a while now. Maybe I don’t want women who renounce men or maybe I do. Maybe I want the clinically insane or I would read about the ones that cure them.

Whatever they are just make your woman interesting, strong (in their own way) and more importantly witty and sassy.

4) Strong friendship bonding

I love reading a story with a real friendship, even if it is on the villain side of the story. Be it a fun, quirky and light hearted like in The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson or the heart warming friendships that would last a life time

Don’t you love it when these friends not only play a formidable sidekick but also put in some sense to the leads? 

3) Multiple time lines

I guess I love my books complicated. I get all perked the minute I realize that there are various timelines in a book. A multigenerational family saga or a murder mystery, either way having more than a timeline to follow makes it merrier for me.

So go ahead, confuse me all you can with multiple time lines and point of views!

2) Unreliable narrators

I know I have talked about this so many times now, but I love unreliable narrators. I mean who wouldn’t like the risk of trusting the narrator too much, only to find out they have been misled all along? Okay, just me!

1) Flawed characters

Nobody is perfect and I would not want my fictitious characters to be too perfect, will I? I love the flawed and morally grey ones more so than anyone sane should.

Show me characters that suffer making their choices, that are devil’s advocates or maybe the ones that will do anything to save their asses off and I will be hooked to your book till the end.

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23 responses to “Tag: Seven things I like in a book”

  1. I think we have similar reading tastes! I love sassy characters (main or not), witty banter and humor, along with friendship (and family).

    “Sadly for me I can usually I smell the twists from miles away and it is becoming more and more difficult to be surprised.” SAMEEEEEEEEE. I feel I’ve been reading way too many books that it’s just not surprising anymore most of the time? I usually guess pretty close if I don’t nail it. The last book that surprised me the most was This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada.

    • Soph, same-sies!! I am feeling bad when I rate a book with fewer stars just because I found the plot twist already.

  2. This list is great! I especially agree with witty banter – I have needs for sarcasm and snark – and strong friendships. I am also all here for complicated family dynamics and compelling characters.

  3. I love a good twist, but since I am a heavy contemporary reader, I don’t see too many of those. Love flawed characters, but banter, humor, and A+ friendships are tops for me.

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