Book covers that made me question my sanity – Part two

If it were up to us, the bookworms, every book would have a great plot and well written. But sadly that is not the case! And we come across some not so great books often and a few even test our sanity. 

Earlier, we came up with some books with ridiculous titles and insane book covers that made us wonder if the authors were being satirical. It has been a while since we had a laugh around here, so I am sharing the next edition of book covers that made me question my sanity.

Insane book covers I found recently

Burglary anyone? Don’t worry this book will teach how to do that effectively!

I didn’t think the unlocking was quite this literal

I don’t wanna say anything anymore!

Say what? Is it weird that I am genuinely curious now?

Whoa! What is this thing? 

There are worse things to live with, don’t you agree?

This is definitely creepy. And also, we are talking about musical instruments right?

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Let us talk

How many of these covers caught your fancy? Have you come across such weird ones yourself? Did these make you 

27 responses to “Book covers that made me question my sanity – Part two”

  1. ahahaha oh my god I love thoses 😂 they took the cover quite literally, didn’t they ?

    Also, on the “haunted vagina” one… do I read “from the author of Apeshit”??? idk which one is the worst.. ahahah

  2. Oh my gosh this made me laugh so much!! They are some seriously messed up covers, they’re so creepy! And some very strange titles there as well. This is awesome – it’s really given me the giggles.

  3. Oh my goodness WHAT?! The Haunted Vagina? I don’t think I could ever read that with a straight face or tell anyone what I am currently reading when reading that xD

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