Sunday Musings #48: Talking About The Last Minute Panic

I am someone who usually runs behind the to do list and checking it off only as the last minute panic sets in. If I didn’t do it at the eleventh hour, is it even done?

Most of my posts go online just before the midnight for the same reason. At least I don’t panic as much as I used to and I have come to believe that I work better under pressure. 

Okay maybe not, but we will never know cuz what else do you expect me to do? Work on it well before the time. You are crazy!

On a serious note, it is a vast improvement that I even have a to do list these days. I do not even want to recollect the messy days prior to that habit. I really want to get ahead of my tasks for a change. So help a sister out, let us talk about your time management and productivity techniques. Share what works for you and what not. 

What I read this week

My reading this week has been on track. And it has been a while since it was on track! It was either 4 books a week or none at all. But hey, let us not get ahead of ourselves, touch wood.

I finished reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews and it made me laugh at place. I am not one for goofy laughter, especially not in a book. But this worked so well. 

I also just finished The Big Four by Agatha Christie for the Classics N Christie club. And while I am not in love with it, it was not disappointing either. It was kinda okay, but not your usual Christie good, if that makes sense whatsoever.

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On my blog

In case you missed something I posted this week, here is a quick recap

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last minute panic

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last minute panic

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last minute panic

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last minute panic

Let us chat

What are your time management and productivity techniques. How many hours do you need in a day? How far ahead have you scheduled your posts? Let us talk.

27 responses to “Sunday Musings #48: Talking About The Last Minute Panic”

  1. Last minute panic was familiar territory in university. I think habits developed early on do tend to stick.

    I love the photo of your steaming coffee. I am missing that part of my day!

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I’m usually a last minute kind of girl, too. It just ends up happening that way most of the time.

    Love Agatha Christie, and I’ve wanted to read Earl and the Dying Girl, but I’m also afraid it’s ends up sad. Happy reading! 🙂

  3. I do all my posts on the weekend, and only write reviews during the week. No last minute posts for me. I cannot deal with that pressure. I liked Me & Earl. I do think Andrews made some good choices when he adapted the book, because I liked Greg a lot more in the movie.

    • Damn, that sounds like a perfect solution. I will have to give it a try. And I have not watched the movie yet.

  4. I have an online calendar, and a cheap paper diary I use to schedule out review deadlines, and then list what I need to read when, it helps me stay on track, mostly. I’m not above having to do things last minute though, I generally am only a few days ahead of my schedule.

    Time management is a skill and a habit, find whatever works for you

    Have a great reading week

  5. For blogging, I used to be very good with scheduling posts a whole month in advance… that’s so not the case anymore! I’m just too busy these days, and I love reading, but I don’t always feel like reviewing. Thank goodness I have a co-blogger!
    For other things, I make sure the calendar on my phone is always up to date. I prepare my lesson plans two weeks in advance, and have everything ready so I’m good when I go to work.
    But sometimes, for the papers I have to write for Uni, I wait until the last minute – and that works really well for me 🙂 Procrastinators unite!

  6. Sometimes I’m ahead and sometimes I’m last minute haha- it depends on the week. 🙂 I was really ahead for a while, and it was nice, but lately- not so much.

    I’ve never read christie, but I really need to.

  7. Uh… what is productivity and time management? I have no such thing, unfortunately. Or maybe I do. I’m usually stuck trying to work ahead of the schedule, which is generally why all of my reviews are books I’ve read at least a month ago, with the occasional few weeks ago reading. My work and school schedule changes a lot, so I have to adapt everything around those and work from there. Perhaps I’ll get around to figuring out time management.

  8. I am a DIE HARD paper planner. Like, I have at least 3 physical planners I use at any given time. That being said, I STILL don’t manage to get done everything on my to do list some days!

  9. These days I’m doing well to blog once or twice a week. I’m doing a group read of Les Mis so that’s eating up a lot of my time!

  10. While stress can be a good motivator, too much can also be debilitating, you need not cause it for yourself as there is more than enough of it floating around 😉

  11. I live by the to do list! Haha. I usually keep a piece of paper with everything that needs to be done for the week so that I know I have time to fit it all in. My suggestion is breaking things you need to do into smaller tasks that way you’re making progress even if you don’t complete the who task.

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