Social Distancing and the new lifestyle!: Sunday Musings #67

That is one week into the social distancing thing and I am happy to announce that I have not stepped out of the house for anything. I know it sounds bragging, and yes I am. It has been Netflix and books and home cooked meals for the week now and I am loving it. 

I am loving this video that has been going around explaining how the social distancing works and why it is important right now.

Dubai has been taking the pandemic seriously and currently they have started a ten day intensive mass sterilization drive. As on date we have had 140 cases with about 30 recoveries and 2 deaths in the past 3 months and I really hope things would be under control soon. 

Back in India, the spread has just started and the Central and State governments are doing a good job, apparently. But the worse is yet to come sadly. Again, it is on the residents to follow the safety protocols and social distancing norms. 

What I read this week

I am currently reading Girl, Woman by Bernardine Evaristo with two of my friends.

But my week has been good in terms of reading because I read TWO hyped books. Not my best but hey I am recovering from a long term slump!

One I loved and the other was not good. Can you guess which one is which?

What I watched this week

I had a lot of screen time last week and I am not ashamed at all. And for the first time ever, I had a legitimate reason for that – yes the social distancing and self isolation, blah blah!

  • I finally caught up with the Brooklyn 99 S6
  • Rewatching Sherlock
  • A few episodes of Mentalist on Prime!
  • Currently watching On my block S3

Not bad at all eh?

On my blog

In case you had missed my posts this week, here is a quick recap!

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Social Distancing

Corona/CoVID And Other Updates: Sunday Musings #66

Corona CoVID F

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Social Distancing

Let us chat

So how is the social distancing working for you? Have you been using it to read everything on your to read shelf? Also, how is your country/city dealing with it? Lets talk.

44 responses to “Social Distancing and the new lifestyle!: Sunday Musings #67”

  1. I am glad that being an introvert helps with this New Normal. I do like going out more, but that will be on hold for the duration. Meanwhile, books and movies are my life.

    Enjoy your books, and stay well!

  2. I’ve always been a “stay at home” type, but now that I have to stay home, I want to go out 🙂 I’m staying in though. I just need to learn to stay away from the news. Stay well and enjoy your reading and watching!

  3. The kids and I are definitely social distancing well, but hubs is just getting ready to work from home, so I’m not sure if he’s brought it all home anyway… Definitely enjoying the no-pants time. LOL

  4. Glad to hear you’re practicing social distancing. I think for us book lovers it might not be as hard for us as it is for others. We want to be home reading, lol!

    That’s a great video illustration! Take care and stay safe! 🙂

  5. Same here on the social distancing. I’ve hardly left the house for days and honestly, I’m okay with it if it helps slow this thing. Best wishes to everyone in Dubai and India as we all try to ride this out. Be safe this week!

  6. I thought I wouldn’t mind being home but turns out, it’s frustrating me. Mainly because of not being able to leave when I want to. Still, this is for a good purpose, and I’d rather this disease be stamped out sooner than later. We’re seeing huge spikes of cases in our state and it’s frightening.

  7. Everything that’s happening is very worrisome but I can’t complain because I have been able to work from home, help my kids with their school work and we are all well. Glad to hear you are well as well. Enjoy your TV shows 🙂

  8. I’m glad you’ve been doing well with staying inside. We’ve been staying inside too for the most part.. with the exception of going out for gorcery shopping. I’ve been reading a lot and playing with our little girl.

    I can’t wait to read The Bride Test.

    Stay save and have a great week.

  9. We are in lock down of a sorts from today. We can go to the shops, for one exercise a day and out for medical care or work which can’t be done at home. I’ve found that I have cooked more then I normally would and I’ve baked cakes which I haven’t done in a long time. I also watched ‘Safe’ on Netflixs too.

  10. India is locked down. So it’s reading, Netflix and doing assignments for me. Sherlock is my favourite too

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