Things To Do Without Leaving Your House

With almost 25% of the countries in the world have imposed a lock down due to the Corona virus pandemic, staying in seems the only way to go. And that might be a bit too convenient for us bookworms, right? If you were one of those introverts, you would have preferred to stay in with a cuppa.

For others staying in might be hard and can quickly become too much. But when there is literally no other safe way to get away from it, why not make the best use of the downtime?

Things to do without leaving the house

So, let us talk about the things to do inside the house during the lock down time aka “don’t leave your house if you value it” time, shall we?

Let’s have some fun, first!

1. Bring out those DIY supplies that you have been hoarding all these years now. Knit, draw, color. Whatever is your do, take time to do them.

2. Watch the meerkat cam or catch other animals on live camera on Youtube.    

3. Try one of the virtual museum tours if you are into culture and art. Museums of Amsterdam, London,South Koreaand even the Vaticanat your fingertips.

4. Learn a new language or more realistically, learn to say hello in different languages. Duolingo might interest you!

5. Can you name all the countries in the world. Learn with the World Geography games site.

6. Now you got all the time, and there is no excuse to not do those at home workouts. Keep fit!

7. Do a puzzle a day. Suduko or crossword anyone?

8. Do it like the Japanese. Drink or have dinner with your buddies over video call.

9. Bring out those board games and play with your family or friends, whoever is around.

Clean up around the house

1. Do a fashion show and try every one of your dress. Discard or donate anything that do not fit or “spark joy”, Marie Kondo style.

2.  Clean up your media folder on your phone and PC. Delete those duplicates and let your phone breathe a bit.   

3.   Are you one of those oldies that still has music stored on your PC or even CDs? Welcome to 2020, clean that up! I bet Media Monkey is still going strong.

4. Match all your Tupperware lids to the containers. In addition, the desi version of this is pick all the polythene covers lying around the house and collect them in a huge one.    

5. Make a budget and check your finance. We need to ride out this tough times!

Things to do house

6. Get your taxes done early this year! Even though the governments would probably move the deadlines to pay the taxes.

7. Also ,why not catch up on the 8 hours sleep or how much ever you want to finally?

8. Throw out your old and expired make up stuff and clean the vanity table.

Things to do house

Bookish things to do

1. Start by making a list of the books that you wanna read during the Corona virus shut down.    

2. Write reviews on Goodreads for the books that you loved. Authors need you!

3. Clean up your Goodreads virtual shelves. Remove the ones that you no longer wish to read and remove duplicates.    

4. And update your wishlist. Soon this will be over and you will be treating yourself with book hauls.   

5. Pick up a classic that you have been dreading to start. Read 20 or 100 pages, as you choose, everyday and finish the mighty book. War and peace, anyone?    

6. It is a good time to do those Bookstagram shoots that you have been postponing for a while.  

7. Do a virtual book club meeting. Maybe with some chai. Or wine!    

8. Join readathons and read with others to keep your mind distracted from everything else.

9. Finally, dust your book shelf, and those on your night stand, the coffee table, and pretty much everywhere else.    

Tidy up your blog

1. Ensure your posts are all on brand. Do they follow the same color scheme and format?

2. Begin by cleaning up your tags and categories on your blog. 

3. Next, add Alt text tag information to all the images in your posts.    

Alt text blogging terms

4. Add a Pinterest sized image to all your posts, or at least the most visited ones.    

5. In addition, once you have done adding one Pinterest image to the important posts, add one more Pinterest sized image to them and maybe hide them inside your post. Thank me when the traffic improves!    

6. Respond to all the comments on your blog. If you are on WordPress self hosted, this plugin will help you filters out all the comments that are missing replies. Thanks to Avalinah for the recommendation.

7. Clean up your blogging feed and follow only those who matter and interest you.

Things to do house

8. Create a course/ebook or anything to build that damn email list.

9. Join that e-course that always wanted to but didn’t “Because TIME”.

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Things to do house

Let’s chat

So how are you doing during these trying times? How have you been distracting yourself? What are the things that are on your to do list? Let us talk.

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  1. Wonderful post. I am working (limited) hours from home while also helping out (a.k.a. working full time) at a former job that is essential during this time. I am exhausted. And yet, because I can’t go anywhere else, I still have extra time on my hands! I’ve been using it to read, play on my Switch, and work more on blog stuff.

  2. Great ideas. I’ve done lots of cleaning, although our recycling/tips are closed so I can’t get rid of any of the items I’ve put to one side. I also bought numerous puzzle books, jigsaws, board games. I even bought a Nintendo Switch to keep the kids happy as we have two gaming machines and three kids (although one is an adult)

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