Dubai relaxes its lock down restrictions!: Sunday Musings #72

Finally Dubai has started reducing its lock down restrictions this week. From a complete lock down where we need permits to even go to buy groceries, we are finally allowed to go out of the houses from 6 AM to 10 PM. And that also means we can visit close family, take a walk, exercise (with not more 3 people) and go shopping, provided all these maximum 2 hours per day!

The malls and shopping centers would be open but operate at 30% capacity. Hotels, restaurants and other F & B would operate as well. So would offices and other non essential work places. But wherever possible people are advised to work from home. Trains, buses and taxis would be running as well from tomorrow. 

We are still required to have our temperatures taken every time we enter any shop, even groceries. Wear masks and gloves when we step outside. And follow physical distancing of 2m at all times outside our house. 

And to be honest, Dubai and Dubai-tes went on a non-official quarantine/lock down quite early, in the middle of March itself and that paid I guess. That and the extensive testing. The UAE is at the top 3-5 places in terms of number of testing per million of its population. 

So basically there is a light at the tunnel. Let us not lose hope. Stay in and stay safe. 

On the other news, the holy month of Ramadan is here. So I guess Ramadan Kareem, which means Have a good Ramadan. More on the month of Ramadan, in next week’s Sunday Musings. 

What I read this week

My reading has been terrible this week. But my highly productive week has to be blamed, not me. 

I am currently reading The Time Traveller’s wife and Yes no maybe, which I have been reading on and off for 2 weeks now. Sigh. 

But I will catch up!

What I watched this week

I have been watching the Fall, a British serial killer mystery and it has been underwhelming despite the raving reviews. 

Also watched Stranger things again, with the family. Well, there is only so much things to watch guys, we get to repeat watch some stuff. 

If you are interested in watching Indian movies that are not Bollywood’s cheesy musicals I would love to make some recommendations. 

  1. Ayyapanum Khoshyum – Malayalam – Prime
  2. Varane Avashyamund – Malayalam – Netflix
  3. Sillu karupatti – Tamil – Netflix

And for the sake of cheesy Bollywood movies, watch Shbubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan on Prime

Let me know if you do watch any of these!

On my blog

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From the Insta-world

And here are my shots on Instagram this week

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Let us chat

So what is up with you guys? Is the lock down driving you crazy yet? What are you reading of late? Let us talk.

40 responses to “Dubai relaxes its lock down restrictions!: Sunday Musings #72”

  1. I didn’t realize they were so strict there! It is not here and we aren’t all being tested, which I think would be great to have happen so we know who has it and who does not and can be up and about (within reason). I know we’re at our peak here in the states, but I’m hoping by the beginning of June we can start leaving the house more. I will totally have to check out your movie recommendations and let you know what I think. 🙂

    • I think all the strictness has been helpful. I hope other countries get serious about it before it is too late.

  2. Testing really seems to matter! And you know here in the US I haven’t seen ANY temperature checking. We seem so behind the curve… I hope the relaxation of restrictions goes well there as you begin to open up!

    Beautiful pics as always!

  3. Switzerland doesn’t do nearly enough testing! and what a good idea to take people’s temperature before they can enter a shop.
    We have some non-essentials opening tomorrow, too. Hairdressers and nail salons for example (I, personally am not going to go to either!).
    Ramadam Kareem, Gayathri. Stay safe and healthy <3

  4. The UK seems to be fairly crap with it’s testing, they are only doing hospitalised people and key workers at the moment. They say we are past the peak, but down in the southwest we haven’t really seen much of it. Mind you our lockdown hasn’t been as strict as yours by any means and nowhere is temperature testing here either.

  5. Interesting to see what way the restrictions are being lifted. We too (in Ireland) have been in lockdown since mid March, so I’d say we’ll see some normal life phased back in soon. But not too soon I hope, I don’t think we are quite ready yet. Great to be able to visit family again, I miss that!

  6. I am glad your country has been doing a lot of testing…that hasn’t been happening here, as you can tell from our horrible numbers. We have lunatics running our government…LOL.

    I hope all goes well for you, and that the slow opening works out.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. That’s amazing news! We’ll also loosen some rules by May 4th in Belgium and then May 18th some more if all goes according to plan. In the meantime stay safe!

  8. So good that the restrictions are being loosened! You’re right that the early action has definitely helped things greatly. Reopening will start in some places in the US soon but it’s still going to be super slow.

  9. Shutting down early benefited us too, but it wasn’t as complete as yours seems to have been, and testing hasn’t been as comprehensive. Currently our govt is advising restrictions will begin to relax from May 11.

    Wishing you a great reading week, be well x

  10. I’m glad you’re able to visit family again. I miss being able to go to my mom and grandma so much.
    Here we are still on lockdown.. schools are going to open partly in May. Lets hope things will get better after that.
    Stay safe and happy reading.

  11. I think we’ve got at least two more weeks of lockdown, and school isn’t back in person til at least the fall. We’re doing the best we can online. We’ve been looking for more movies – thanks for the ideas! Stay safe 🙂

  12. It looks like Dubai had such strict lockdowns! In Australia, our lockdown is essentially what your relaxed-restrictions Dubai looks like!

    • Ha ha! We are a very small city, compared to Aussie, maybe that is why the restrictions worked well !

  13. I think the lockdown in Dubai is both similar and different to how it is here. (I normally live in NYC but am staying near Philadelphia at the moment.) We don’t have our temperature taken to get into stores, but right now only the grocery and drug stores are open and you must wear masks to enter. If you are visibly ill you can be asked to leave.

  14. They take my temperature before I can go to work but not the customers. And they’re talking about lifting some restrictions the beginning of May. I hope it isn’t too early as we were one of the last states to start getting cases. Be safe and well:)

  15. Gosh your lockdown was a lot more strict that ours is in the UK. We don’t have to wear masks, gloves, etc. We don’t have our temp taken. We are allowed out for food, medicines, to seek medical help and for one exercise a day for one hour. A lot of people are going out far more though and visiting places like the beach, parks, etc. I think we needed tougher measures. Hope your reading mojo returns.

  16. I’m glad you’re able to go outside again for a little bit. Over here, we’re allowed to go outside but to keep ‘smart’ about it. I go on a daily longer walk with the dog somewhere in nature where we don’t come across other people or if we do, we are able to maintain more than the minimum amount of space between us. As from may 11th, schools are going to open up again – controlled – so I’m curious and a bit scared to see what that’ll do. Happy reading!

  17. Wow! Dubai had some intense stay at home orders! I live in California and our Governor hasn’t lifted any restrictions yet but has a “plan” to slowly reopen the state. We’ll see how long he keeps the orders and how it works out with the slow reopening. I’m ready for things to go back to some normalcy!

  18. Wow, I am so happy to see your restrictions have been lifted a bit! I think the measures Dubai has taken make a big help, large amounts of testing seems to be key for countries that have gotten it under control quickly. I live in California and we are in lockdown still with no end date in sight, but our Governor released a detailed plan on what the steps would be to open up and what is required. We’ve still got a testing issue though, so I don’t see this ending quickly.

    Ramadan Kareem, Gayathri!

    • Yes I agree about Dubai’s testing. By May 9th they are hoping to identify 97% of the cases, apparently. So fingers crossed.

  19. I watched Ayyappanum Koshiyum. My brother has been nagging me for it. Deserves all the hype.

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