Solar eclipse 2020: Sunday Musings #80

In today’s exciting news, parts of Asia and Africa currently are witnessing solar eclipse. It is the first solar eclipse of 2020. Some parts of the countries like Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman will be able to spot an annular eclipse aka ring of fire, and other parts will have partial eclipse.

We, Indians, have so many beliefs and traditions for everything and eclipses are no different. While some of them are just humbug, some of those “rules” do make sense even today.

Indian traditions for solar eclipse

Some of the things that we follow during solar eclipse are:

  • We are not allowed to go out.
  • We are not allowed to eat or drink. In fact, we stop our intake at least 2 hours before the eclipse begins.
  • We are also supposed to take a bath after the eclipse ends and wash all the clothes and things we touched during the period.
  • We also pray and meditate during the period.

As I said some of them make sense, some don’t. But we do what we do. Anyway, happy solar eclipse 2020 I guess? LOL.

On the other news, happy father’s day everyone! How are you celebrating it?

What I read this week

I am loving reading Daisy Jones and the Six. Everyone recommended me to get the audiobook, but I didn’t.

Now I keep worrying if that would mess the experience. Well, it didn’t. Anyway tell me what I am missing by not getting the audiobook.

What I watched this week

This week am trying a new thing: reducing binge watching. I watched lesser than an hour each day this week and it worked perfectly.

This week I have been watching few episodes of Community season 3.

I hope I can keep up with this new routine for a bit.

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Let us chat

What are you doing for Father’s day? Are you witnessing the solar eclipse 2020? Do you have some rituals related to solar eclipse? Let us talk.

24 responses to “Solar eclipse 2020: Sunday Musings #80”

  1. Happy solar eclipse! That’s fascinating too about the practices that you follow- thanks for sharing those. I think eclipses and events like it are amazing. And hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂

  2. Happy solar eclipse! We don’t have any kind of tradition surrounding eclipses, here, but it is so interesting that you do. I actually like the idea of meditating while the eclipse is there.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe and healthy 🙂

  3. Happy solar eclipse. The last time I could watch one I did nothing but watch it with some special glasses and enjoyed it. We don´t have special rules to obey during such an event smile Happy reading and have a great weekend.

  4. Hi there Elgee! Gosh, I never knew there were so many rules regarding solar eclipses in India! Always good to gain new information.

    I have Daisy Jones and the Six on my read next TBR. Hopefully will start with it this week then we can chat!

    Hope you will have a good week!

  5. Glad you shared all the traditions for the eclipse. I’ve never heard of those but so interesting! I loved Daisy Jones & The Six! Like you, I read the book (even though so many raved about the audio version) and I was so glad I did. I thought it was excellent. Maybe one day I’ll do a reread and go the audio route then.

  6. I had no clue about Indian solar eclipse traditions! That’s so interesting, I wonder what the logic behind some of them are? Hope you enjoyed the eclipse! It’s been a while since I’ve seen one. The last time there was one in the UK, the sky was too cloudy to see anything. 🙁

  7. That’s so amazing you experienced the first solar eclipse of the year on that side of the world!!

    I have also heard Daisy Jones and the Six is REALLY good on audiobook. I will also not get to experience it because audiboooks don’t work for me. I can never get into the story when I have to listen to it.

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