Can You Find The Famous Authors: Quiz

You thought my last quiz (Find The Name Of The Authors) was easy? Well I come prepared this time. I am warning my third edition of find the famous authors from their books is gonna be tougher.

Find The Famous Authors

So are you ready for this? Let us do it.

Don’t forget to share your result with me in the comments.

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Did you do better than the last time? Was it any harder than the previous ones? Which was author was the hardest to guess from their books? Let us talk.

28 responses to “Can You Find The Famous Authors: Quiz”

  1. OOf, I got 3 xD two I knew, and one I just guessed right ahaha except from animal farm and narnia, I didn’t knew any of thoses πŸ™Š

    I love to play and guess my way there anyway xd

  2. 4/8. Only got the ones that I definitely knew. The ones that I guessed, well, I guessed wrong, lol.

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