Happy valentine’s day!: Sunday Musings #109

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! I hope everyone (with or without a partner, currently) has a fabulous day. As I was telling someone else, today would be a great day to give yourself a treat and do all the self love that you deserve.

I am glad to announce that I finally got my second dosage of COVID vaccination earlier this week. And the second dosage administration was more streamlined than the first and we were out of the vaccination centre within 10 minutes.

What I read this week

Last week I spent a lot of time trying to choose what to read but at the end I didn’t read much.

But I did finish a book from one of my favorite authors, Gillian Flynn – finally.

Sharp Objects has been sleeping on my bookshelves forever and I am glad I picked at least now. AND I LIKED IT. I will have to post a review pretty soon.

What I watched this week

I am so glad decided to give another chance to Parks and Recreation. And am at the end of the season 2 and I am finally getting into it.

I also started watching the popular K drama “Romance is a bonus book”, and so far it is quite interesting.

On my blog

In case you missed the posts from my blog, last week.

5 Classic romances to read for the Valentine’s Day

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I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

From the Insta-world

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Let us chat

Happy Valentine’s day! What are your plans for today? What are you currently reading and/or watching? Let’s talk.

25 responses to “Happy valentine’s day!: Sunday Musings #109”

  1. I read Gone girl by Gillian Flynn and loved it, I plan to read more novels from her. Congratulations for the vaccine ! My eldest loves Korean dramas, I’ll ask her if she knows this one. We haven’t yet finished watching Goblin together but we’re enjoying it very much. Have a great week !

  2. YAY for getting your second dose of the vaccine, Gayathri! I’m so happy for you. Did you have any side effects? I’ve heard of people who felt perfectly fine, but also of people who felt like they had the flu for 48 hours… I keep hoping it’ll be my turn soon.
    Have a wonderful week ahead, stay safe and healthy.

  3. Good news about getting your second dose. I had a few aches and pains afterwards…but they might not stem from the vaccine. I tend to have a lot of those anyway!

    Love your pretty Valentine images!

    Enjoy your week and your books, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hope you enjoy your Valentines Day. We have no special plans other than driving home and listening to an audiobook on the way. Yay for getting your 2nd dose. I got my about a month ago since I work in a hospital. My husband got his 2nd dose (perk of being my family member) last week. Happy reading!

  5. Great to hear you were able to get your second dose of the vaccine, Gayathri and ticked off a book that has been on your bookshelf for too long! I am currently reading the romantic suspense Madam, Will You Talk? by Mary Stewart and watching the true-crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders. Take care and happy reading. 🙂

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day! No special plans here – maybe a nice dinner.

    Glad to hear you got your second COVID dose and it went well.

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day! And glad tohear you got the second dose- I hope it’s smooth sailing as far as side effects. That must be a good feeling to have the vaccination- peace of mind. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  8. I am glad you were able to get your second dose of the vaccine and everything went smoothly. I get second dose this afternoon.

    I have not read Sharp Objects yet, but I have a copy on my TBR shelf. I am glad to hear you liked it!

    I hope you have a great week, Gayathri!

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