Summer is here?!: Sunday Musings #118

The summer is almost here in Dubai and we are running the airconditioner during the day time as well. Mornings are relatively cool but guys, “spring” is officially done with Dubai.

Also we are planning to make the best of these days and hit the beach more often before the summer.

Despite whatever we do to distract ourselves, we can’t just stop worrying about the situation at home in India.

Anyway here is a twitter thread with a couple of places where we can donate for COVID India. Even if you are not able to donate, sharing the info would be a great help.

What I read this week

I have been seen Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by by Cho Nam-Joo everywhere in the past few months, so I had to pick a copy the last time I was out.

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 revolves around everyday misogyny in the South Korea in the 90s. While I loved how relatable it is, it got harder to read because, again, it was too relatable.

Sigh, I will finish reading it but I am craving something easier on my heart. Any suggestions?

What I watched this week

So I am doing a rewatch of Super store on Amazon Prime. I also watched a couple regional Indian movies on Netflix and Prime.

On my blog

In case you missed the posts from my blog, last week.

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Boy Who Steals Houses, The by CG Drew – A book review

Boy Who Steals Houses by CG Drew Featured

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us chat

What was your week like? What are you currently watching and/or reading? Let us talk.

15 responses to “Summer is here?!: Sunday Musings #118”

  1. I am sorry to hear about what is happening in India. Thank you for sharing how people can help.

    And wow I bet it is getting hot there. I hope it’s not too bad this week. It got a little warmer here but not anything like Dubai I’m sure!

    Be well !!

  2. Hi Elgee! I’ve heard that the Covid situation is rather hectic in India at the moment. So sorry for the country. At the moment, it is rather quiet here in SA.

    I saw your review on The boy who stole houses on Instagram. I still want to read that one.

    Hope you will have a good week. Enjoy the hotter weather, it’s cold here with us!

    Elza Reads

  3. I read Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 last year but it left me a little cold. Ok so the everyday misogyny in Korea truly sucks but it was a boring book imo.
    What’s happening in India right now truly sucks but part of me thinks the government not stepping in to delay or cancel the Kumbha Mela was foolish in the extreme.

  4. More beach trips is always a good thing! And tou know my blog has tons of suggestions for books that are easy on the heart. The Girl I Used to Be by Heidi Hostetter (published by Bookouture) just came out and it definitely fits that requirement. Hope this week brings improved news from India 🤗

  5. I think you need to share some of your heat with us, it is so cold for spring here in the UK! I have been escaping it by reading Anne of Kleve: The Queen of Secrets by Alison Weir and watching the BBC crime drama Wallander.

    I am still praying for the situation in India and I hope you are able to find something easier and more comforting to read next. Take care. 🙂

  6. India is breaking my heart! I honestly can’t wait for all this to be over.

    The wether here in NJ, I thought was going to be spring like but found out we are going in the upper 80’s and 90s next week and I want to cry! I hate the heat. I will be inside a lot for the next few months!

    Have a great week, Gayathri! Happy Reading!

  7. I feel so sad and angry about what’s going on in India. I’ve done some donations but am hoping to be able to do some more later in the month. (I’m waiting for some freelance income to arrive.)

    A Superstore rewatch sounds wonderful! I just finally watched the last two episodes of the show and felt so sad to see it go. What a dear of a sitcom.

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