5 Classic romances to keep up with your Valentines Day spirit

Valentines day

People, Love is in the air. Do you have any special Valentines Day plans? I wish I could say yes but I am gonna try to be truthful and just accept the truth that I will most likely end up spending the day reading some books.

Does that sound like you? Then you won’t be disappointed with this listicle. I am bringing you five of the world’s favorite classic romances for you to curl up to. Even if you have fabulous plans, this list will sure make you stocked up for weeks to come. Yes, most of them are huge.

Valentines Day
5) The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald

Set in the 1920s when the American stock market shot up the roofs and the wealthy became wealthier, the Great Gatsby is a tale about hope, love and despair.

Nick Carraway, a bond salesman, befriends his neighbour Jay Gatsby, who is obscenely rich and is always throwing the wildest parties. But Gatsby is secretly pining away in darkness for his one true love Daisy, who is married to the ‘old money’ Tom Buchanan.

What better way to spend the Arguably one of the best novels of Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby is filled with quotable quotes and you won’t regret reading it even on your down day.

4) Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
Valentines Day

That couldn’t have come as a surprise. One of the most famous romances by Shakespeare now stands the standard to compare any modern love to.

The young lovers Romeo and Juliet find themselves on the opposite sides of the familial feud between the Montagues and Capulets. In order to save their love they try to cheat death that seemed inevitable and fail infamously.

Even if not for the romance part, you should read it for the funny conversation between Romeo and his friend Mercutio. The play is definitely funny and will provide you a comic relief, despite its flowery, archaic language.

3) Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
Valentines Day

The colorful world of the unhappily married Anna and her lover Vronsky is seldon overlooked while talking of classic romances. Who would not fall in love with the magnificent Anna who struggled to fit in a society she didn’t feel a part of, while she pined for Vronsky?

I know the size of the book is terrorizing yet once you start reading you will have no choice but to finish it. Tolstoy’s masterpiece should be on your must read list if you want to choose a classic romance novel for this V-day.

2) Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel García Márquez
Valentines Day

Are you a firm believer of ‘true love conquers all’? Then you should read Love in the Time of Cholera for this Valentines Day. Love finds Fermina and Florentino when they are quite young. When Fermina marries an older doctor Urbino, Florentino pines for her (though has about 622 affairs) for about 50 years until Urbino dies. He once again proposes his love for Fermina after all these years, seeking a second chance.

Yes this is a love story, but just not a love story. It talks about pain, jealousy, obsession and sex (a lot of perverse, sick sex). Above all, the language and prose of the Nobel laureate Márquez is to die for.

1) Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
Valentines Day

Gone With the Wind could easily be my favorite romance of all times. We can’t help but love Scarlett O’Hara (who is one of the most badass female character written ever) though she can be bitch-y, annoying and too head strong at times. To make matters worse (or better) for her (and us) we have the ultimate bad boy, the arrogant, handsome devil who has a liking for her.

This American Civil War saga will feed your Valentines Day craving as long as you don’t look for your own Rhett Butler. If you have not read Gone With the Wind yet, you should definitely pick it up during this Valentines Day.

No time to read these books? I am sure all these classic novels have a film or two made on them. You can catch them up as well.

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What do you think of classic romances? How many have you read before? Aren’t you posting your Valentines Day post? Does your reading habits change based on the season? Let us talk more.


  1. Great list! I’ve read all of these books except Anna Karenina. With it being so long, I want to try to the movie first to make sure it’s worth it.

    Have you read any of Márquez’s other books? That guy knows how to write a good story. Almost all of his books have some crazy interpersonal drama. My favorite of his is one of his later books – Memoirs of My Melancholy Whores.

  2. I must say, I’ve never been a huge fan of classic novels. I could probably count the number of classics I’ve read on one hand – I just can’t get through them! I don’t know if it’s the language or the setting, but I just never click with them. It’s so interesting to see the novels you’ve chosen though. Great post – it was fun to be involved in this blog hop and we should do another one some time!

  3. I had to click this post, because I LOVE romances. I read Romeo and Juliette back in the 80s for school. It’s another one of those books, that I feel like I read before I was really old enough to understand it, and Gone with the Wind is just such a wonderful, epic story.

  4. I don’t know why, but I didn’t enjoy The Great Gatsby! I guess I couldn’t connect to all the characters, they just seemed to vain, so empty… Could not relate. And I couldn’t make out the romance 😀 didn’t see the romance in what they were doing. But I have been unable to decode romance with particularly complicated characters before, for example, Wuthering Heights? Just weird people acting stupid? Nothing they did seemed like love, rather the opposite? Something similar here as well. I thin that’s just me 😀 then again, I also remember reading it translated. Could that have been part of it?

    Now, you’re probably already disappointed because you can feel I’ll say the same about Romeo and Juliet 😀 and Love in the Time of Cholera (that was just sex. Where’s the love?)

    Luckily, I haven’t read Anna Karerina or Gone with the Wind, so I can’t say I didn’t like them xDDDD

    I guess I’m not very romantic, huh 😐
    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted…The Week When I Didn’t Haul Any Books!!My Profile


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