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  • Ten must-read books for middle schoolers

    Do you have a favorite middle schooler book that I missed? What will be an addition to this list book recommendations for tweens? Let’s chat.

  • Five Literary Mothers that I Love

    The International Mothers Day falls on the 12th May of this year and I hope you all have got your gifts all packed for your mothers. And if you are a mother yourself, I hope you have a special day for yourself.  Badass Mothers from the books While we are on the topic, I am […]

  • Review Shots: Middle Eastern Tales for children

    Remember my post about how I never got to read many Middle grade books when I was younger? It is time to change that, thanks for all the children’s books that I get to review on my blog. I am happy to say that I am enjoying the chance. Thanks to Medina Publishing, Middle East […]

  • Five Books I Wish I Had Read As A Middle Grader

    As many other bookworms I know I started obsessing about books right from my childhood. I can not remember how and when I started reading books in English, and as it is not my mother tongue the books that were available at home were very limited. This meant I had to make do with books […]