#writealoveletter: To the only I have ever truly loved

Dear fifteen year old me,

Oh I am not here to advise you or correct your would be mistakes or errors you are bound to make a few months, years or decade from now. I just want to tell you I could not be more proud about you than I am now, for the decisions that I take now would not be any different from that you would take. Well, that says a lot about how matured and smart you are right now, and not that ‘That is all smart you are gonna be’. I repeat not the latter.

So I am writing to you basically, actually and literally to try and win some goddamn tickets from Chennai Bloggers Club. Yes that is probably the only social life your 27 year old can afford to have. Oh that too, a virtual one. A contest (yes, I am still the same. I still want to have the participation certificate in every competition) to write a letter to the loved one. You still are the only I am ever gonna love truly, madly and deeply.

And now that I am here and I can give you hints about your love life or the lack of one from the future, why not use it. Oh the guy you are crushing, not so secretly, right now is not going to recognize you when you gather your courage to go say hi to him in about 5 years now. And in another 8 years, you are going to be appalled at your taste and try desperately to erase any evidence of you even liking him and you are friends going to give you a hard time about it. So not so secretly is not the way you should choose. Just my two cents, and if you were anything I remember you are gonna straight away ignore it.
P. S Pl try and save those notes and poems that you have stashed between your books. Your 27 year old self would love them.
P. P.S You might consider laying off “whatcha doin’?” your friends are more than annoyed about it.

Dear twenty year old me,

There you are! You actually made a choice between your best friend and the boy friend and you chose you best friend. Smart move, and now that is a decision you are not gonna ever regret but why should have to make a choice. Think about it. And also, the boy friend is not quite the one you would wanna be with in another year, so “hear hear, wipe your tears”. You would move on and so would he. 
P.S The guy marries his girl of his ‘dream’ and you couldn’t care any less. And she is in your FB friend list (yeah yeah FB is gonna change everyone else’s life)

Dear twenty two year old me,

I could safely assume you would have sworn off guys for a while while you were reading that 1000 page book “Gone with the wind” by now, (seriously who has time, for you are always reading or attending classes). Baby, don’t. Rhett is someone you would not get, but hold on for few years an almost close is coming your way in a few more years. But before that your going to have to break your heart a few more times and don’t you worry you are not gonna regret anything that you do or feel. Most of those guys that you ‘sorta’ like now, are staying with you for at least another 5 years and you could not have asked for any better.
P. S Did I say you have met my best friends (of 27) and you do not know those ladies are going to be your best friends yet?

Dear twenty four old me,

Aah, another break up? It does not seem so tough anymore, does it? Do you even think before liking someone? Or worry if it would break your heart? I know you don’t. You think you will always have you and yet you put you right below the ‘other’ on your priorities list, right? Girl, I still love you, your reckless falling head over heels in love and your bounce back pretending like it hurt none-soever. You do know now, as much as it gets easier to fall in love it is as much as easier to fall out. You don’t believe in love forever, do you? Don’t you feel you want to smack those Mills and Boons authors right on their head with mallets, do you? I still do. 
P.S You do found your calling. Stick on to writing reviews on your blog and yes, you feel it right – Goodreads over Facebook. It is gonna stay that way for long. 

Dear twenty five year old me,

Can you shut up and believe me already?, he is your Mr Almost Perfect! Yes, you are gonna love the repartee you share and you are going to have to just put up with his idiosyncrasies. Wait and watch, you are going to have to find that there are too many other interesting things to do than just books, and don’t you smirk until you listen to his Metallica choices. You are going to shamelessly add Toxicity to your fun music to listen to. Hey, all is not lost, he is a reader as well, so you are getting your read time but you may well choose not to. Fights? Not for another two years, don’t worry, well after that, I can’t promise you eternity can I? Well in short he is going to be the Rhett to the Scarlett in you and you don’t want a smooth sail do you?
P.S Can’t you just believe in love forever and stop giving me a hard time about you being a unromantic? – special request from your Mr Almost Perfect.

Dear twenty eight year old me,

If you were reading this, can you tell me if I win this contest, because I have to book tickets to Chennai as soon as possible? No? Hey is it ‘No I am not winning’ or ‘No, You can’t tell?’ Hellooo? anybody there?
P.S Nope, I didn’t.

P.S  This is part of a series #writealoveletter that would be published weekly all through the month February. Check out here


  1. good one LG.. "Goodreads over facebook.. " 😀 thats right..
    and i could not move further after this.. "You are going to shamelessly add Toxicity to your fun music to listen to.. he is a reader as well, so you are getting your read time but you may well choose not to" 🙂


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