One with Pongal & other festivities: Sunday Musings #02

One with Pongal & other festivities: Sunday Musings #02

As you are reading this post, assuming you are reading it on a Sunday afternoon, I will be jumping around the kitchen trying to prepare loads of sweets and savories for Pongal, the harvest festival in India.

Though I don’t live in India right now, the rituals and festivities follow us everywhere we go, don’t they? Different parts of India celebrate the day by different names and ways. And the southern most part of our country, that is where I come from, call it as Pongal and we celebrate it the best way we know – eating delicacies.

Festivities PIn me

But that doesn’t mean I would forget to share my favorites finds of the week with you. And believe it, now that I have started sharing the links I liked to you, I have started reading interesting things more. That means lesser time on Facebook and Buzzfeed y’all. So lets get on with it.

Around the blogosphere

1) As everybody does I have a huge collection of bookmarks on my Chrome explorer and when I was searching for something, I found this gem. Hey Jane Austen lovers here is the bestest ever fanfiction blog. I used to get lost for hours together between their pages.

2) I know everyone and their has been talking about how awesome Hulu’s adaptation of the Handmaid’s tale was and they won the Golden Globe. If you have not watched it yet, read more about on my blog here. But if you are more of a book reader, you should check out my review here.


3) Talking of awards, did you know the Man Booker prizes were awarded only to books published in the UK? You did? Sorry I didn’t. (Why are you guys so smart?) But that is going to change as they have decided to include books published in Ireland as well. 

4) How many times have you cringed when you read awful sentences, especially once about sex? Oh come on, it can not be just me. If you haven’t then you should see some of the contenders for the bad sex awards of 2017 here. The promise of physical discomfort awaits.

5) Unless you have gone through it you won’t understand how difficult it is to name someone. Pfft not your baby. I am talking about naming your characters. Jen from Bound to Writing shared this amazing list of name generators to make sure you will never have to name anyone Bobby Tom ever again.

6) Ever stuck up thinking what to write for your discussion post? Briana of PagesUnbound saves you once again from staring at the blank screen through her awesome post on 52 Discussion Post Prompts for 2018.

7) I found this great post on writing an about page that matters by Sim. I know what I will be doing later today. HINT: you will definitely not find this outdated page in a while.

8) While we are on the editing my about me page, Shailaja posted an article on Vision board. Thanks to her and this article she suggested I have visited the dark corners of Pinterest in search of my vision 2018. Of course I have not succeeded.


9) Quite similar to my vision board failure (see above) you might have to hear about this hilarious post on Bullet Journaling or BuJo. I repeat this is not what is happening to me. I am doing fantastically well. I am doing rather well failing miserably already. Help me.

10) Lucy, as awesome as ever, posted this great post on Edelweiss and its features. Stop complaining about how confusing it is (but it is confusing, right?) and start requesting as many books as you can. (Seriously, DON’T. Be diligent. Please pace yourself.)

11) Another big list of YA releases in 2018 has been compiled by Megan at Book Birds and believe it or not, it is loooooooong. Again do not go on spree requesting everything at a time, but hey you can be excited and talk about the ones you love, can’t you?


12) Oh not enough of book craziness? Look at Sheila’s post for inspiration for your POPsugar reading challenge. This girl has got it all covered, people.

13) Finally something to laugh. I loved this video. Watch till the end.

On my blog

This week had been super hectic for me in terms of blog and reading.

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If you celebrating any festival today or during the week, my greetings. Do you have any such harvest festivals in your country? Which month do they fall on? Did you like any of my favorite links? If so which? Let me know in the comments.