Who am I?


I am a self proclaimed Ms Perfect, an extrovert and an Arian fitting to a ‘T’ to the description. I am a person with many an interest in varying degrees of passion. I don’t call me a master in any subject but I am open to trying and learning new things, like this blog. Wanna hear about some other things that keeps me hooked?

1. Internet:

Something that never stops to keep me entertained as well as fascinated. When I am not googling for nothing and everything, from knowing what is a high angled shot to how not to waste time in internet, you can.find me as a mute spectator at, GoodreadsPinteresthere and here and here. These are just few of the lot many I frequent, apart from the other blogs I have been following.

2. Android apps:

You can call this am extension of trying to know my phone better. This is how I learnt to handle addiction to texting, or to find ridiculous uses for serious apps. Some of the apps that I can not live without are: Dropbox, Evernote, Whatsapp, Moonreader Pro, Goodreads Mobile, Wunderlist and the latest addi(c)tion Tunewiki. Oh, the list is ever growing.

3. Books:

This should be the most obvious once you have seen my collection and profile, and the more apparent-allocation of a page on Books. Some pictures of my book shelf (*to be added in a post, *) and stories from my book world. Though am not a voracious reader when you compare most book addicts, I read more than the average adult. From Mills and Boons to Jack Welsh, I could give a try and JW had me trying for almost a year. More on my books here. Want to know more about my book reviews policy or read some of them?

4. Blogging tweaks:

People who know me can vouch for it, I live by changes. Not only I cope up with changes, I look forward for them. That us one reason you find a different layout everytime you visit. Of course most of these changes were extremely unnecessary, I had fun 🙂 If you remember some of my old templates.. Ugh right? I have definitely improvised 😛 And where from this lass who doesnt even know Photoshop tricks get to learn few tricks.

5. Organizing:

This is one of my weak points. I am basically a messy and severely disorganized person, but hell yeah I have been so lucky that I have never – almost never – been affected. But the point is 30% of Internet would be spent on finding ways to organize myself. I have, I am and I will organize myself, some day some time, with the aides like zenhabits, Lifehacker, here and here. And many more 🙂

6. Cooking:

Ahemm actually I added this out of habit. No I am not a culinary expert, Maybe someday I might – till then you can visit her and others of course.
And if you still have not had enough of me, read on.. 

Hope you enjoy your stay here 🙂 If so, drop line a line through any of these 🙂