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Please read my review policy for Elgee Writes before sending me review requests or copies of your published books.

Why me?

Some of my reviews can be found at Goodreads, and the complete list of books that have been reviewed is here. The list consists of both copies I have received as review copies, ARCs as well as personal copies.

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What I offer:

  • Reviews here at Elgee writes are based on plot and characterization, writing, length and pace of the narrative.
  • I mention in my reviews if and when I receive the book as review copies or ARCs, as specified by the latest FTC guidelines.
  • I understand the books are the result of the efforts of many people and my reviews would be based on how much I like your book. While I do not promise a positive feedback, my reviews would be based on my honest opinion, and I would not be criticising the author or others personally.
  • I refrain from rating the book in my blog, but I would do the same on the sites I post the reviews to.
  • The reviews would be posted on Goodreads, Amazon (I am currently not posting on, will update when I start doing it again), Edelweiss or NetGalley depending on where I received the copy, apart from here at my site.
  • If I could not finish the book for any reason, I would communicate to you, with the reason whatsoever.

Review policy for Elgee Writes

How to request:

  • Authors, publicists and publishers can contact me for requesting reviews at elgeereviews(@)gmail(.)com
  • Please send a polite and personal email with the blurb of the book and details like the book name/purchase link and the particulars of the author links at Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, etc.
  • These details would help me in promoting the review and thus the book after it has been published in my blog and my social media accounts like the Facebook page, Twitter, Google + page, etc.
  • Publicists and publishers, alternatively you can send me a book catalogue for me to choose from and we can discuss further.

What do I prefer:

  • The preferred format for reading is still Paperback, but I understand if you can not send me a hard copy I would be more than comfortable reading a digital copy.
  • I am currently living in Dubai, so please consider that before you agree to send me a physical copy.
  • You can also send in Kindle or Amazon gift cards or coupons for me to buy your book.
  • If you have a free promotion or giveaway that you host and want me to mention in my review, you are welcome to specify that before I accept the book for reviews. I would try to accommodate the dates.

What genres I accept:

  • I read and review mostly fiction and am partial towards horror and romance.
  • I rarely read Fantasy and Scifi. I do read an occasional non-fiction like memoirs or autobiographies, but I am very choosy about the ones I accept.
  • Please make sure you email me before you send the books. I can not promise to read or review unsolicited books.
  • I would try and reply to all the emails I receive, but in rare cases if I do not respond in a week’s time kindly contact me again. I would respond on if I would review the book or not. (Currently I have a huge backlog of unreplied mails, I am working on it. I will get back to you.)

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For other queries

Authors, publicists and publishers can contact me for requesting reviews at elgeereviews(@)gmail(.)com

I am currently accepting guest posts from indie authors. If you are interested contact me here.