Hire a Beta-reader – Me!


You have finished your manuscript, now what?

You probably have read your work more than ten times now. You have spent enough time editing your lines. You know the characters like the back of your hand. But have you spent enough time that you are probably overlooking something? Most writers do. And that is where a beta-reader comes through.

Why do you need professional beta readers?

Of course, you can find beta readers who would give you a feedback in return for one. But don’t be alarmed if you got a list of (if you are lucky) things they liked or didn’t. It would be frustrating when you provide them a detailed review of their work and they don’t reciprocate. Do you want to take such a chance when you can get an objective feedback that your manuscript deserves from a professional beta-reader?


A professional beta reader would provide an extensive feedback with critical pointers to improve, that you may have yourself overlooked. 

Why hire me as your beta-reader?

Books have always been my first love. I have been reading books for about more than two decades and I have been reviewing books for about 8 years now. I read books from diverse genres and written for different age groups. Take a look at some of my reviews here.

I am an open-minded person, who provides honest opinions and suggestions, when asked nicely. I stick to timeline and would provide a actionable and concrete feedback as committed.

What can I provide?

When I accept to read your manuscript for beta reading, I will provide with the following, as a reader

  • Overall opinion on the credibility of your plot, and characters/story arcs
  • Evaluate the readability of your script in terms of pace, dialogue, language and writing style
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the entire manuscript
  • Questions, I might have about the plot or the characters
  • Discussions related to my suggestions
  • Recommendations in terms of the editing required
  • I will be happy to fill a Q & A form, if you have any, after the evaluation.

Forms of manuscripts currently accepted:

  • Novels
  • Novellas
  • Novelettes and
  • Short Stories

I do not currently accept non-fiction manuscript for beta reading.

If you would like to hear a quote, send me a quick message with the form below or shoot me a mail here.

Meera Rajagopalan, Objection Overruled

Gayathri provided the much-needed objectivity from the reader’s point of view, for my mystery-romance manuscript, “Objection Overruled.” Her review was methodical, comprehensive and extremely useful.

Bragadeesh Prasanna, 300 days & Waterboarding

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan is my alpha reader (as I call her). She reads all my manuscripts before it goes to the second round of editing and after the editing as well. She has helped me retain the rawness of my first draft along with the beautiful things that came along while editing.

A trusted partner, who is known for her sincerity, honesty and timeliness, she is a great asset to an indie author. I whole heartedly recommend her beta reading services. You can read my novels to know what I am talking about and all my novels, short stories don’t see the light of the day before Elgee perusing it.

Kavya Janani, Yours Forever

It was a great pleasure working with Gayathri and I am so happy that I am working with such a highly professional beta reader. Gayathri does a fantastic job in analyzing the plot in depth and pointing out details that might slip from a writer’s attention. She also suggests many corrections and improvements that would make your story the best read.

Apart from highlighting the mistakes, she also provides valuable ideas regarding the structure of the story and the depth of the characters. She is the perfect beta reader to work with on a long-time basis. I am looking forward to work with her on my future projects