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  • Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index- A book review

    Have you read Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel? Can you suggest other YA books that deal with grief and loss of a sibling?

  • 20+ Amazing Books on World War 2

    Which of these books on World war 2 have you read and loved? Do you have a favorite WW2 fiction/non fiction? Let us chat.

  • Normal People by Sally Rooney – A book review

    Have you read a book that makes you an emotional fur ball and then climaxes with an open ending? Do you love or hate such a book? Let us talk about Normal People by Sally Rooney, shall we? About the book Book Name: Normal People Author: Sally Rooney Genre: Fiction – Drama Characters: Marienne and Alan, […]

  • Books to kick start the reading habit

    Are you a new reader who wants to kick start the reading habit? Or you may be returning to reading books for pleasure after a long gap? Either way if you are looking for book recommendations, I got you covered. How to choose books to help you read more? My criteria for this starter pack […]

  • Review shots: Christie’s murder mysteries

    It is a brand new month and that means it is time for mini reviews AKA review shots. And this week am gonna bring in three books from one author, who is one of  my all time favorites, Dame Agatha Christie. Don’t we all need some mystery thriller every month? These are our monthly picks […]

  • Review Shots: Middle Eastern Tales for children

    Remember my post about how I never got to read many Middle grade books when I was younger? It is time to change that, thanks for all the children’s books that I get to review on my blog. I am happy to say that I am enjoying the chance. Thanks to Medina Publishing, Middle East […]

  • Review Shots: A cocktail of travelogue, dystopian thriller and a dash of geekiness

    You all know I turned out fairly ‘nice’ on Santa’s meter this festive season. But I realized there are quite a number of books that I have accumulated under the ‘to-be-reviewed’ shelf and I finally decided that it is high time I caught up with them. And since it seems like a Herculean task, I […]

  • Chess Story by Stefan Zweig: A Book Review

    Have you read Chess Story by Stefan Zweig? Do you read literary fiction? Which is your favorite literary fiction? Let us talk.

  • Book review: The Upside of Unrequited

    Have you read The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli? Did you enjoy the diverse characters or you had the problems that I did?

  • Book review: Second Chance

    Why are some people rude to people without thinking twice? Do they realize the effects of their actions on others’ lives? Do they know they are hurting, belittling and may even pushing the other person to the edge? And most of importantly, would they change their behavior towards other people if they were given a […]