The One With 2019 Updates: Sunday Musings #61

The One With 2019 Updates: Sunday Musings #61

Happy Sunday y’all! It has been a while since I had a Sunday update post but look at me, taking extra effort because the whole new year and new me jazz! So let’s get to the update part of the year 2019, shall we?

Where did I vanish off to?

Since the last update post, I had to visit my hometown for a funeral of a close family member which was sudden and shocking. Their immediate family is still recovering and getting back on their feet. 

But the whole thing put off from doing anything productive or being social for a while. Hence the disappearance for the past few weeks.

What did 2019 bring me?

In many ways 2019 was unexpected and kept throwing rocks at me. I survived but I am glad it is a whole new year. 

I traveled across the borders quite a lot! I visited Macau, Oman, Malaysia and of course India all in a single year. 

Even inside my resident country, I traveled to 3 other states aka Emirates – Fujairah, Ras Al Kaimah and Al Ain

I read 53 books on 45 for my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Even completed the 2019 A To Z Reading challenge successfully. So I guess that’s one thing that I can tick off without regret – I read more and I read what I planned for. 

On my blog

On the blog front, I did spectacularly well for about the first six months. 

  • I posted regularly and on schedule. 
  • I loved most of the topics I talked about in here. 
  • I blog hopped and left comments frequently and even might have made good friends.
  • Comments for comments challenge even worked out well and kept me on my toes.
  • I started posting bookish stuff on my Instagram and reached 500 followers soon.

Well.. all of these were going great until July when I took a short planned trip to India, which spiraled catastrophically soon! 

But enough with the bad news, right? I have new plans for the year 2020 and I will be back to my pre-catastrophe routine! 

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Let us chat

So how would you describe your 2019? And has it taught you something to take forward for 2020? Well me? I learnt nothing from the big bang of 2019, as per my usual. I am still gonna do my go big or go home style! Let’s talk.