Bloodline: A Book review

Sideney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors of all time and I have read almost all his books. And Bloodline was one of my first ‘grown – up’ book, which I re-read again after many years. Does it have the old charm or do I misremember its awesomeness? Let us find out!


Book: Bloodline

Author: Sidney Sheldon

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Characters:  Elizabeth Roffe, Rhys William

Setting: New York, The USA

Elizabeth, the heiress & the future of Roffe & sons – a pharmaceutical MNC, not only has to face her father’s sudden and untimely death but also make a decision regarding company’s public sale of its shares.

Things are more complicated as Sam, her dad had not left a successor to his reign. Hence she takes her position and almost gives in to the pressures of her cousins and their families, viz.,

  • Walter Gassner married to Anna Roffe, Berlin
  • Ivo Palazzi, Rome married to Simonetta Roffe
  • Charles Martel, Buenos Aires, married with Helen Roffe
  • Sir Alec Nicholas, London

Each of her cousin has his/ her pressing needs for money and can have an use for his/her  billions locked in the form of shares of Roffe  & Sons. But Sam was strong against going public and now he is dead.

Now Liz agrees with her Dad, as someone attempt to kill her. Is it her father’s ex secretary and her secret crush or one of her family members?

Bottom-line:  Yet another strong female protagonist from Sidney Sheldon. My first ever “grown up” book, but even when I re-read it recently I could feel the pace of the story. Not as fascinating as the first time (I was 12 that time, everything could have been fascinating of course), several things fell flat, yet could not keep the book down aside.

Worth the re-reading 🙂

Have you read this one? What is your favorite Sidney Sheldon? Let me know. 


  1. SheBlogger

    This is the very first Sheldon book I read a very looonnnggg time ago and it's also what got me into reading Sheldon novels. I like it that his protagonists are always female. Go Girl Power!

    • Gayathri

      Exactly.. All of them were exceedingly strong and independent.. Who is your favourite of Sheldon's Protagonists? Mine was Kate Blackwell from Master of the Game.


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