Book Review: I don’t wear sunscreen

Aug 26, 20152 comments

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I can’t remember the last time I got myself so engrossed myself into anything – let alone a book that I forgot I had other plans for the evening. It so happened yesterday that we barely reached the cinemas to catch the movie on time – thanks to Kavipriya Moorthy’s I don’t wear sunscreen.

Book: I don’t wear sunscreen

Author: Kavipriya Moorthy

Genre: Fiction – Romance

Main Characters: Laksha, Pallavi, Sai Prabhu, Saurav

Setting: Chennai, India

Few really badly written books had let me strive away from Indian authors for a while, so I was little apprehensive about reading the book, when a mutual friend was talking about Kavipriya’s book, as I did not want to my snobby (sometimes) book taste to lead . But “I don’t wear sunscreens” made all my doubts disappear.

The story is about two childhood best friends Laksha and Pallavi who have different aspirations in life, and their respective love lives. The story is just not about friendship, love and career dreams – it tries to shows a life of a typical girl from Chennai, which makes it easier for the reader to feel related to.

The story is extremely fast paced and kept me wanting me not to stop reading till I reached the epilogue. Yeah, that led to few burnt and blackened dosas, but of course who could blame me – I was making them while I was reading – not the other way around. In a little more than an hour (according to my e-reader) I had completed the book and I was dying to write this review as promised to Kavipriya.

I liked that none of the character was pristine or the usual “best in the world” kind. Each had his/ her own explanation for their actions and none of them were too far fetched. Even the so called antagonist (I am not revealing who *spoiler*) had an explanation. And the story did end in a positive note albeit an abrupt one.

For such a short book, it does have quite a pack of characters – and most of them interesting too. In about eleven chapters, the book tries to takes through too many stories, which may or may not work for the other readers. Personally, I would like to be prodded by the characters, their flaws, eccentricities even after I have finished the book. So on that perspective, I would like to have had more than just a glimpse of the Laksha’s parents or even Priyanka.

The story holds its suspense till its epilogue. And I felt everything ended too soon – not that there were any loose ends but still a little bit clumsy, for want of a better word.

But more than everything else, my special kudos to the author for her efforts and perseverance in starting and more importantly complete her first novel. And a special thanks and word of appreciation to your editor – on a job well done. Keep going, Kavi!

P.S What is with the title?

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  1. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    The fact that you think I might have culinary skills itself is funny 😛 I can do survival cooking (there are people surviving), no culinary skills though 😛

  2. Jayanthi

    Blaming the book for your burnt dosas or is it your super culinary skills???


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