Book Review: Metro Diaries – 2

Sep 28, 20161 comment

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If you have been in the webs of the internet for a while, then you should be struck by the writer bug like many of us have. There you go I said what I desperately try not to get attached to ‘writer’ tag. I write (type) a wee bit, and surely not what I could tag on as a writer. But then there a few among us, who know to do it and continue doing it. Give it up to Namrata or Privy Trifles, who has been doing this for a long time now and has a collection or two of short stories published to her name, newest being Metro Diaries – 2.

You know what is better than a short story? A collection of short stories. Now I have never had an anthology reviewed earlier, though I like reading short stories. So when I received the book for review, I was hesitant to write my review even after a long while after I finished it. And now that DDS is holding her knives above my head here goes my review. Apologies DDS!

The anthology has 20 tales taken from our daily life, of commoners that we come across in our routine days woven with such intricate emotions that you would complete reading the whole book in a night’s time. There is no set theme for the stories and it has stories from all walks of life. For instance, Magpie of Memories narrates the woeful tale of a trans-gender while it leaves you smiling at the consequences of small misunderstandings with the Stain of Love


Metro Diaries - 2The characters are from the extremes and would leave you wondering if they were aimed to be so. While Charlattan talking about a wife’s stand on her husband’s lecherous way, you have The Cursed Existence to talk about the disparity against females and honour killing.

I loved the way the way the stories are  arranged that takes you through mixed emotions back and forth. I liked the tone in which all the stories were set, though there were places better editing could have helped. Grab the book if you want to have a quick read.

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  1. Privy Trifles

    Thank you so much for your review! Truly appreciate the same 🙂


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