1. I read a lot of indie books, but I don’t know much about the actual writing or publishing part, even though I would like to write a book myself at some point, so this is a very interesting post! And it sounds like great advice. Especially the part about writing to please yourself. I think if you write something just cuz it’s trending or cuz you feel like you have to, your heart won’t be in it, and it’s all just going to feel like a chore. Great post!

    • Thanks Kristen! I absolutely agree – it’s just not worth writing to a trend, because by the time your book’s done the trend will have passed. More importantly, as you say, it won’t be any fun.

  2. She says some really important things about writing, and I really like what she says about keeping happiness in and of yourself and not in the successes themselves. It can be hard to remember that and to put it into practice, but that is so important!

  3. So true about writing being lonely business! That’s why one of my goals this year was to find a local writers group! Shortlisted for the Betty Trask Prize is amazing! WTG Kathleen! great post! Great way to start your new feature Gayathri!

  4. I see more and more authors choosing to self publish, so I’m always interested to hear about how it’s different than traditional publishing. It sounds like self-motivation is a huge part of it.

  5. Kathleen is an amazing writer! My attention didn’t waver even for a second through the entire post.
    Thanks Gayathri for introducing your readers to Kathleen.


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