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So I wrote two reviews on two crappy books, which were romance and I am already flooded with questions on my reading habits and taste. Hmm maybe flooded is not exactly the word but yeah I have been asked by more than the usual two / three people who usually read my posts. And I seriously feel I should address some of the ‘loyal’ reader’s questions 🙂

  • What got into you, Romance novels? 

Nothing ‘got’ into me. I stumbled into bunch of e-books which happened to be ‘romance’. And I had a few hours to kill. Thus started the epic journey, the rest is history – as they say.

  • You got really no other genre?


Come on, they are not really that bad. Of course they eat my brain / raise my BP in not so positive manner. But on the positive part – They have stayed in my brain so long that I actually did make myself to write something for the blog right?

  • Are you done with them?


Actually, as you would have seen it is a series and I have read about three of them, and reviewed two, so I might continue reading them (he he).

  • They both were not good, then why more pain?


Good now that has been asked, out of pure interest and maybe sort of lil’ care, I need to address. 

On a serious note: 

  1. They provide such a let out for my vented anger. You should try this – shouting at the actions on people (characters, rather) who can not argue back or justify every bit of their stupidities. Seriously – I mean it. 
  2. It is easier to say “You did that!, You should not have, Were out of your minds? What a creep. blah blah to a literary character than to a real life bozo . And erm.. anyway I do that it in real life too..
  3. Makes me more and more UNROMANTIC (as if that can happen)
  4. They prepare me for the real world out there. Not like I am not seeing them all time. Hey these are not fairy tales which will not happen, but who knows one of these creeps might actually exists and I WOULD NOT REACT THE WAY THE CHARACTERS DID. See, I am learning, who said there is nothing to learn from romantic novels, even stupid shitty romantic novels. (Gee.. I know that is a far fetched incredible reason, but i am running out of reasons)


  • Maybe it is just these series:


Actually the series has all more than 3 on 5 rating Goodreads. But how.. Go figure! 

  • Maybe it is just the particular bunch / maybe you should try some other Indian novels:


Oh you asked for it. Look out for my latest review by an Indian Author. (Warning you are on your own)

  • Maybe…


It is just me. I didn’t like it, several others liked it and am not spreading a hate post. Just voicing my opinion, in er.. not so professional way. Try them you may like them, on your own risk.

But don’t discourage (save) me from these trashy books. I am a girl, hence I am allowed to have few (lot) eccentricities and I can love & like & hate things, sometimes the same thing.  

  • Are you becoming addicted to them? Is the book review section going to be flooded with these pinky novels?


No way. It is as ever going to be mix of all the usual stuff I read. By usual I mean I am not going to know what I am going to read next – as ever.

Bottom line – 
Dont lose your heart. There are thousands of great romance novels out there, among a million crappy ones, and we will find them – even if we have to live a hundred heart attacks and throw in a thousand posts male bashing (and female bashing too). On a positive side, of the 7 or 8 chick-lit I read this year, only two were horrible and you saw the review one of them here and the other is on the dash board. And I absolutely loved 3 of them. Hmm one of these days I might actually give some positive reviews. Till then, so long..


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