Five Literary Mothers that I Love

May 8, 201918 comments

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The International Mothers Day falls on the 12th May of this year and I hope you all have got your gifts all packed for your mothers. And if you are a mother yourself, I hope you have a special day for yourself. 

Badass Mothers from the books

While we are on the topic, I am gonna use this chance to talk about my favorite mothers in the literary world that I totally love.

I am gonna use this chance to talk about my favorite mothers in the literary world that I totally love. #mothersday #litmoms Click To Tweet

Margaret March (Marmee) of Little Women

Marmee is an epitome of strong women in not just literary world. She raised her four daughters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy under the terrible circumstances of the Civil war that called their father away and drained them financially.


But she never lost her patience and smile even she reprimanded her girls, who turned out to be well read and ambitious making Marmee a great feminist ahead of her times.

Mrs Bennett, Pride and Prejudice

I know Mrs Bennett was not exactly a role model to mothers, but she always had her heart set out for the best of her daughters which was in her eyes – getting married to wealthy men.


She had less or no support from her husband in this area, and despite him, she did achieve what she set out for. I guess that makes her a badass mother. Don’t you agree?

Marilla Cuthbert of Anne of Green Gables

As quite opposite to Marmee, Marilla was not pleasant and she seldom smiled. She didn’t even let Anne call her ‘Aunt Marilla’. But that definitely doesn’t undermine her strength and love for her ward. She was a feminist and practical woman who comes to love the orphan in her own way. 


Ma from Room

Despite being imprisoned in a small room for years, Emma did all she could to keep her son Jack, who has never been outside the four walls in his life, spirited and full of positivism.


She does not only teach him to read and write but keeps him engaged creatively and even gets him do yoga. That alone makes her a badass mother. 

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Cersei Lannister of A Song of Ice and Fire series

I am currently binging on the Game of Thrones and I would never be able to sleep if I don’t add Cersei to the list of badass women. I initially wanted to add Catelyn Stark. But now that I have watched the third season, I know Cersei will be the better choice.


She has her flaws about her being power hungry, cunning, ruthless and such. But one thing that comes so strong is her love towards her children. Her motto was ‘don’t mess with my cubs’, right from the beginning even when they were not appreciative enough.

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Did I miss your favorite mothers in the list? Tell me who is your favorite mother in the fiction world. What are your plans for the Mother’s day? Let us talk.

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1 year ago

Oh! I haven’t read the others, But I do love Marilla! I can’t quite define it xD she’s strict but also kinda loving too? (Though its been a while i’ve watched recent Anne with an E)

For some reasons I cannot think of mothers in books… merp.

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages
1 year ago

Great list! Cersei is the worst but yeah she is a good mother. But as someone said in the latest episode- “She did all the worst things for her children.” 😛

Olivia Roach
1 year ago

I just finished reading Room last month and I totally agree, the mother in that book deserves some kind of medal for all she did <3

Megan | Ginger Mom and Company
1 year ago

What a list! Mrs. Weasley is at the top of my list of moms. Have you ever noticed how few decent mothers there are in fiction? Or maybe it’s just the books I’m reading! Great post, either way 🙂

Kathy West
1 year ago

That’s a great list. I can see why you picked Cersei, but she is crazy!

Ruby @ Ruby's Books
1 year ago

Honestly I feel the same way as you about Mrs. Bennett. Considering the times they lived in, she behaved in the best way possible for her children, she truly wanted to give her daughters the best that she could, and unfortunately that meant marrying them off with wealthy men. I am planning on reading Little Women soon, so I’m happy to know that there is good parent representation there. This is not from a book, but I love Chloe Decker from Lucifer as a mother. I love the scenes she has with Trixie so much, and I love the things she talks about with her daughter and the lessons she gives her. Great post!

Robin Taylor
1 year ago

What a wonderful list!

DJ Sakata
1 year ago

Interesting choices

1 year ago

Marilla – YES! She was such a wonderful surprise, and I liked getting under her layers

Ara @ Open Pages
1 year ago

Love this list! I sometimes feel like Mrs Bennet is underappreciated considering the pressures of their time and the fact that they had five daughters with no dowries. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate her worries more.

1 year ago

I have Marilla and Marmee on my list too; and was thinking of Mrs.Bennett as well but I had five already 🙂

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